Props Drops II Features Artist Lineup of Established & Emerging Creators, Headlined By Glowa As Inaugural Artist

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Props Labs, a product and innovation studio thriving at the bleeding edge of digital fandom, art, design, and engagement, today announced the launch of Props Drops II. In conjunction with the launch of Props Drops II, Props Labs is also announcing the formation of its curator board, featuring five esteemed Web3 creators and artists. The curator board will offer strategic counsel on Web3 initiatives including upcoming NFT drops, project collaborations, and emerging artist identification to help grow the Props Labs ecosystem.

The Props Labs curator board brings together five of the most highly-respected creators in the Web3 space, including:

  • Betty, Co-Founder of Deadfellaz; Founder of Mother of the Horde
  • Diana Sinclair, Founder of Digital Diaspora
  • Ed Balloon, Web3 Artist, Musician, & Community Leader
  • Gabe Weis, Founder of Stoics
  • Charli Cohen, Founder of RSTLSS

“Were here to uplift and support emerging creators,” said Gabe Weis. “We want to highlight their amazing work and bring attention to those who are pushing the boundaries of digital art and culture.

Betty commented, Weve got an amazing lineup of creators for Props Drops Season II. I’m thrilled to be able to help uplift creators and highlight their amazing art through this series.

The NFT space is in the midst of a substantial restructuring. Although the 2021 NFT boom saw collectors invest in digital art as status symbols or speculative investment assets, collectors are now looking to secure art for its intrinsic value and meaning. Statistically, 94% of art collectors purchase art that provides emotional benefit, and that evokes a sense of passion and connection. As a result, collectors are increasingly looking toward well-known tastemakers and trusted curators to discover notable artists and upcoming collections.

The creation of Props Labs’ curator board aims to provide collectors with a trusted coalition of veteran artists and creators within the space, to help them navigate the rapidly-changing NFT space and identify promising artists. The assemblage of experienced Web3 creators, whose backgrounds span Deadfellaz, Stoics, and RSTLSS, will use their collective insight to promote the top up-and-coming art collections through Props Drops II.

Props Drops II will consist of 8 curated drops selected by a panel of established artists and creators in the Web3 space, with Glowa serving as the inaugural Props Drops II artist.

“We’re thrilled to kick off Props Drops II with our renowned curator board, and Glowa as our inaugural artist,” said Props Drops Co-Founder, David DeVore. “Our curator board are huge fans of Glowa’s work, and felt strongly that he was the ideal artist to ignite Props Drops II.”

The inaugural drop in the series launched on Thursday, October 26th 2023, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT featuring artist Glowa, best known for his Short music animations of singular moments stuck somewhere in-between analogue and digital worlds.

To mint, to learn more details about the sale, or to learn more about Glowa and Props Drops II, visit:

About Props Labs:

Props Labs is a product and innovation studio thriving at the bleeding edge of digital fandom, art, design, and engagement. Props Labs use blockchain, A.I. and gamification to grow communities and engage GenZalpha in powerful interactive experiences. Props has delivered over $22M in direct sales for their partners and a total economic impact of ​over $200M. Partners include brands like Fox, IMAX, RSTLSS, Mattel, Boss Beauties, UTA, Creatures, & Deadfellaz.