Award-winning ProGPT debuts as handy generative AI assistant for pharmaceutical brand teams to refine and explore care-and-share insights via chat experience

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#PCIProspection—the pioneer of patient-centric intelligence—today announced the availability of Prospection AI, its self-service patient-centric intelligence (PCI) platform designed to save life sciences commercial organizations time and money by unlocking insights into the complete patient care journey to achieve full market potential (care-and-share). Prospection AI is the first product offering from Prospection that embeds artificial intelligence (AI) out-of-the-box, with ProGPT—the award-winning ChatGPT-powered assistant—included in the platform to help simplify and broaden the use of real-world data in brand planning and commercial decision making.

“Prospection AI marks a new, AI-forward era for Prospection to complement the innovation journeys we see our life sciences customers on,” said Daniel West, Prospection Chief Executive Officer. “Today, we are excited to get the first-of-its-kind ProGPT assistant into the hands of commercial leaders, brand managers, and business analysts to streamline their routine analytics activities and speed their ability to explore and refine insights. In 2024, we are rapidly expanding the use of generative AI to continue to propel the value proposition of Prospection AI, including advancing ProGPT to give depth and understanding around business drivers, facilitate nuanced hypothesis testing, modernize insight into portfolio performance, and more.”

Prospection AI is purpose-built to be the PCI shared hub for brand teams, analytics teams, and commercial executives, giving each what they need, when they need it. In doing this, Prospection AI elevates commercial data fluency and insights accessibility to bring a unified understanding of care-and-share across pharmaceutical organizations.

Prospection AI builds upon a decade of healthcare analytics innovation from Prospection. Key features include:

  • ProGPT virtual assistant that allows brand managers to intuitively refine and explore reports, make routine updates to key dashboards, and curiously test thinking around ways to improve care-and-share—all with the ease of natural language.
  • Dozens of pre-configured, brand-specific Key Business Questions (KBQs) served in a Critical Insights hub to provide instant answers that highlight key performance indicators around market share and size, business growth, business loss, patient adherence and persistence, patient journey and intervention points, providers of interest, and more.
  • Curated, dynamic PCI dashboards—scaled and enriched with lines of therapy and treatment regimens, where appropriate—that surface the most relevant care-and-share insights at the brand and competitor level, including market dynamics, patient outcomes, provider behaviors, and growth opportunities.

“We hear time and time again that pharma commercial executives are looking to drive a data-driven culture across their organizations, yet analytics resources are constrained and business and/or data proficiency is limited. Prospection AI was developed to address this by broadening the reach and usability of patient-centric intelligence,” said Kirsten Mann, Prospection Chief Product Officer. “Prospection AI is the central patient data insights tool for entire cross-functional teams that support the commercialization of a drug, speeding insights for brand teams, freeing up time and effort for analytics teams, and helping leadership realize the full value of their patient data investment.”

Prospection AI is now available for purchase in Australia, Japan, and the United States. It can support more than 100 clinical indications, including those in Oncology and Immunology that require deep insight into lines of therapy and treatment regimens. Product capabilities and insights available vary by market. For more information on Prospection AI or to request a free trial and/or demo of the platform, visit

Prospection has also published its AI Charter, which outlines the principles that guide the company’s responsible harnessing of AI in healthcare.

About Prospection 

Prospection pioneers patient-centric intelligence, illuminating patient care’s impact on market share for pharmaceutical brands. Prospection’s proprietary knowledge engine, the Patient-centric Intelligence Core, powers AI-forward products—including Prospection AI with the award-winning ProGPT—innovation services, and enriched data offerings to help commercial, medical, and analytics teams optimize drug performance and improve patient outcomes. For more than a decade, Prospection has worked across 20+ therapeutic areas and 100+ indications, and has been the patient-centric intelligence partner of choice for more than 100 life sciences customers. Visit for more information.


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