Securitize’s Blockchain Platform to Enable Fractional Ownership of Prospera’s Charter City Development in Roatan, Honduras

ROATAN, Honduras–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Próspera, a governance platform and charter city developer, announced today the launch of an additional $100 million fundraise to develop the first charter city in the world, built on the Próspera governance platform. Today, investors can acquire fractional ownership of real estate in Próspera’s first Charter City in the form of a digital asset – a security token. In addition to owning a traditional book entry security, investors can choose to receive security tokens representing their shares in the company.

“This groundbreaking approach to fundraising leverages the greatest benefits of blockchain technology – simplicity, security, and tradability,” said Próspera President, Joel Bomgar. “By partnering with Securitize to issue our Security Token Offering (STO), we give our investors a frictionless and legally up-to-date way to have direct ownership in Próspera’s first Charter City development.”

Securitize provides two critical financial services for Próspera. It verifies investor identity through its Securitize iD feature – making the investment process seamless and consistent with U.S. regulations. Securitize is also acting as Próspera’s digital transfer agent, in which capacity it will issue the tokenized shares and record their ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Security tokens are an innovative way of both financing projects such as Prospera’s, and enabling more investors to participate. With investors able to purchase fractional ownership through a website and have their interest permanently and transparently recorded on a blockchain, investors can access opportunities that were typically out of reach,” said Jamie Finn, President of Securitize, Inc. “Próspera is leveraging the Securitize platform to validate and onboard their investors, whose security tokens will be issued, transacted and recorded on the blockchain.”

An investment in Próspera’s first Charter City can be made on the Securitize platform here:

About Prospera

The Próspera Platform is a digital governance platform and business ecosystem with a legal and regulatory environment designed from the ground up to unleash entrepreneurship and innovation. Today, the Próspera platform’s legal and regulatory structures have been built atop the legal framework of a new forward-thinking Special Economic Zone in Honduras. Leveraging the potential which this governance platform unleashes, Honduras Próspera Inc. is working with some of the world’s best architecture firms to build a prosperous charter city on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Roatan.

About Securitize

Securitize is a digital asset securities firm with a mission to provide investors with access to invest in and trade alternative investments, and for companies to raise capital, manage shareholders, and offer shareholders liquidity. Securitize has pioneered a fully digital, regulatory compliant, end-to-end platform for issuing, managing and trading digital asset securities, with over 200 businesses and 400,000+ investors already connected, and nearly $500 million in current-value digital asset securities issued on the Securitize platform. Securitize is comprised of Securitize, Inc. and its subsidiaries Securitize, LLC (an SEC-registered transfer agent), Securitize Capital, LLC, and Securitize Markets, LLC (an SEC-registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC, and operator of the company’s alternative trading system, Securitize Markets). Learn more at


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