Since this year, problems with payments for advertising in affiliate marketing became particularly acute. Big Tech giants started paying more attention to card quality and introduced pre-authorization. This has increased the number of accounts that are banned due to “risk payment” reasons.


Clean BINs and Risk of Bans

Affiliate marketers know that in order to avoid the bans, especially from risk payment, it’s insufficient to rely only on technical means, like private proxies, warmed-up accounts, cloaking and anti-detect browsers. There is one more factor that is often overlooked by them, and it is the quality of the payment card’s BIN.

The first 6 numbers of each card feature its BIN or Bank Identification Number. It allows to define the card’s type, class, and the bank that issued it. If cards with a certain BIN are actively applied for aggressive advertising (black hat / gray hat methods), the trustworthiness of that BIN drops. Soon after accounts associated with that BIN may be imposed by restrictions: payment risk bans, low daily spending limits, slow billing threshold growth, etc. 

Verification tools process a lot of financial data to evaluate each BIN. Here is some examples of their metrics: 

  1. Percentage of first billings on the given BIN;
  2. Amount of unpaid invoices;
  3. Records of aggressive advertising on the account.

Each situation, described above, decreases the trust level of the particular BIN. If the BIN is trusted, investment in privacy will pay for itself. In the opposite case, none of the proxies and cloaks can protect the account from restrictions and blocking.

How to Avoid Risk Payment Ban

To solve these problems, PST.NET created a technologically advanced platform to provide affiliate marketers with payment cards that can successfully pass verification checks and are ready to work with all kinds of advertising platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, etc. PST.NET cards are being issued in virtual format for the convenience of instant access, but also have physical equivalents as an additional layer of defense against verification checks.

Among important features of the PST.NET payment cards there are constantly updated pool of premium BINs, low deposit fees and support of 3-D Secure so users can pay for any online service, not only advertising platforms. Accounts can be topped up with crypto (USDT, BTC), withdrawal is also available in cryptocurrency.
PST.NET provides media buyers with useful tools for effective work, like Telegram-bot for service notifications and spend management control features. All in all, the interface of the payment service is equally easy to work with for beginners and advanced users. It has been translated into 13 languages already. 

Affiliate market (often called CPA market) is continuing its growth. That’s why services like PST.NET are on the rise right now. In other words affiliate marketing can’t exist without a reliable way to work on advertising platforms.

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