The new feature allows real estate agents to share videos and images of their listings and snippets of their day, elevating the virtual touring experience and giving users more insight into different agents’ personalities, tastes and styles.

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FredrikEklundNYREAL Messenger, the social app for real estate that puts agents back in control of their business and connects the global real estate industry by and large – including buyers, sellers, multiple property buyers, investors, homeowners, agents and stakeholders.

Today REAL Messenger announces its newest platform feature, RealMoment. The novel enhancement enables real estate agents to share videos and images of their listings directly on the REAL Messenger app, giving the real estate community information about specific properties and catching exciting glimpses of agents’ daily activities so prospective buyers, sellers and other app users understand the agents’ personalities, tastes and unique styles. Furthermore, agents can share their talents through RealMoment, which will help them build their brands globally similar to influencers utilizing social media platforms, such as Instagram, to promote themselves.

Rather than having to showcase their listings on conventional social media platforms, agents can now successfully rely on REAL, fortified with top-tier AI technology, to provide an optimal virtual touring experience. The videos through RealMoment give prospective buyers and sellers highly immersive insight into listings through attention-captivating videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds each. The feature also allows agents to post up to a hundred of these 15-second videos per month.

While other apps have functions that offer a metaverse-like experience to users, RealMoment is the first to complement a social app for the real estate market. REAL Messenger is built with a chat feature that utilizes sentiment analysis, helping agents to genuinely understand their customers, their desired communications styles and their property-buying preferences. Furthermore, the app’s powerful AI component helps buyers find precisely what they seek (i.e., a house with a swimming pool or porch in certain geographical areas of interest). It gives other app users, including investors and stakeholders insights into the current market, the properties available today and how they are currently valued.

“In a world where short-form videos – like those on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook – have become the norm, agents can showcase their creativity with house tours and share their personalities and styles. This way, users can select whom they wish to work and communicate with,” said Thomas Ma, CEO of REAL Messenger. “We desired to enhance our full-service social media platform for the real estate market with videos and images to amplify the PropTech metaverse experience. We wanted to present it to the broader global real estate community, so buyers, sellers, agents and others are engaged and feel like they’re at the location in person.”

RealMoment signifies the dawn of a new era for PropTech, real estate apps and how agents promote themselves. Currently, agents must open multiple social media platforms to showcase videos of their listings or share excerpts from their daily lives. With RealMoment, agents can accomplish these tasks through one application. They can post their listings, engage with potential clients and team members or let the world know about a deal they just closed. While they can do this on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, many feel uncomfortable mixing business and pleasure. With RealMoment, however, both are separated. At the same time, videos and images on RealMoment can also be shared on Facebook and Instagram after they are shared through REAL Messenger.

“RealMoment attests to our commitment to bringing together the real estate industry and creating a better overall experience through a single platform,” Ma added, “This feature is just one of many that we’re building for REAL Messenger to make the process more seamless, more informative and more enjoyable for everyone.”

About REAL

REAL Messenger is a social app for real estate, combined with a light-speed chat function that connects buyers, sellers and agents. With REAL, they can connect and browse the latest home listings globally. REAL gives control back to agents to find and manage leads without having to invest in costly online ads and put effort into ineffective cold calls. Its social network-style feed levels the playing field for new agents to connect with interested prospects, engage with listings directly within the app and build a following based on more than just who they know.

REAL was co-founded by Hong Kong real estate entrepreneur Thomas Ma and Fredrik Eklund, co-founder of Douglas Elliman’s Eklund | Gomes Team and former star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing NY & LA.”


Caroline Kamerschen