-Blockchain experts Lynn Spraggs, Ph.D., Robert Spraggs, and Technologist Jake Hammock join SafeMoon’s Leadership Team to Advance Venture Philanthropy Mission-

SILICON SLOPES, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technology and Cryptocurrency leader SafeMoon today provided further details of the company’s mission and announced the appointment of two new technologists and added a new vice president of Research and Development to its senior leadership team.

Lynn Spraggs, Ph.D., owner of cybersecurity company Aegis Systems, Canada joins SafeMoon as Director of Cryptography. Robert Spraggs, CTO of Aegis, assumes the role of Director of Technology. Scientist and futurist, technology architect, and social/environment impact creator Jake Hammock joins the company as VP of Research and Development.

The SafeMoon Mission

Following its meteoric launch in 2021, SafeMoon has been adding new details to its original mission: To create a human-centered company that can focus the power of community and the best of transparent and decentralized technology to improve human lives in all parts of the world.

In 2022, the company is advancing this mission through the launch of a DeFi technology ecosystem based on blockchain technology, to optimize and speed the development of innovative technology outcomes by SafeMoon and by the partners and developers who join SafeMoon in the development of a newer and better exchange.

That work has been successful, as witnessed by the introduction of the SafeMoon 2.0 protocol, new wallet, new partnerships, and the imminent release of the company’s new exchange.

The North Star “why” for this activity was voiced by CEO John Karony in early 2022 and is now expanded, as expressed in recent interviews during SxSW 2022:

SafeMoon’s expanded Vision is to advance and exemplify Venture Philanthropy, with a business model that

1) Makes the commitment to humanitarian impact the central goal and the highest mark of success,

While also creating a profit — the Return on Impact –

Which allows the company to provide greater impact, and to do it much more quickly and effectively by producing a return while also being self-funded, sustainable, and able to grow.

“We appreciate and value the contributions of everyone involved with SafeMoon through the amazing growth and progress we’ve experienced from our inception,” said Karony. “And at this inflection point, we welcome the addition of team members who bring the specific experience we need to move the historic accomplishments of our launch into the foundation we need for the next stage of our journey.”

“Lynn Spraggs and Robert Spraggs have written two blockchains for testing and preparatory purposes already and will continue to innovate with Jake Hammock at the helm. I have amazing confidence in their abilities, ethics, and commitment to the mission. They bring the depth and breadth of experience we need to put the robustness in place we need for the ecosystem we need to achieve our full vision,” Karony added. “Likewise, the technology experience and humanitarian futurist skills Jake Hammock brings to SafeMoon will allow us to develop the right technology to achieve our vision more fully by bringing the most ideal innovations to life.”

For more information about SafeMoon’s DeFi ecosystem and model, readers can visit SafeMoon.com.

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused and privately-held technology company headquartered in Utah with a secondary presence in the U.K. SafeMoon introduced its unique protocol and vision in early 2021, quickly rising to support an audience of multiple million participants (the #SAFEMOONARMY) by January 2022). SafeMoon’s longer-term goal is the advancement of its Defi products and services into an ecosystem that makes the blockchain’s power available to a much broader community, and to include the power of this vast community to support and advance new sustainable technologies in a model of Venture Philanthropy, to create and propel innovations for good while also producing a profit and a sustainable model for growth. For more information, readers can visit SafeMoon.com.

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Cheryl Conner, SnappConner PR