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Nanotechnology news: NanoTech, Nano Tech, refers to technology manipulation of matter on atomic scale. Nanomedicine or nanoelectronics use nanomaterials.

How indian government´s AI-centric schemes are boosting the startup ecosystem

The Government key role in boosting AI development in India

-India ranks third in the world in terms of research publications related to AI. -The Government has initiated a number of startup schemes related to emerging technologies. -AI...

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How to apply for electronic money institution license

How to apply for electronic money institution license and payment institution license in Lithuania

  As a supplier of core payments and transaction engine software, SDK.finance knows what difficulties our customers face in the process of applying for an...
Jochen Wirtz

People, Technology, Strategy: interview with Prof. Jochen Wirtz

The interview is part of the ISSIP's March Newsletter. It is a conversation between ISSIP  Editor-in-Chief, Salvatore Moccia with Jochen Wirtz. Dr. Jochen Wirtz, is...
"Aplicar blockchain a soluciones financieras es una oportunidad para la industria entera

“Blockchain es una oportunidad para la industria entera, no solo para fintech”

Por Gonzalo Gossweilerggossweiler@ambito.com.ar El país se encuentra a la vanguardia en cuanto a soluciones Blockchain, una tecnología fascinante que crece fuerte en el mundo de los negocios...