CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shaperon Inc. grabbed the spotlight at BioFuture™ 2023 as it confidently graced the stage, delivering a compelling company presentation at Track Kennedy I on Friday, October 6, 2023, at 2:30 PM. Dr. Shawn Seong, CEO of Shaperon, unveiled exciting developments, including the introduction of their new subsidiary, Hudson Therapeutics Inc., in the United States, along with the latest advancements in their clinical data.

Shaperon, a clinical-stage biotechnology company established in 2008, achieved remarkable milestones following its successful IPO on the KOSDAQ market in Korea in October 2022. In February 2023, Shaperon expanded its presence by founding Hudson Therapeutics in Research Triangle, NC, and Cambridge, MA.

The company had received IND (Investigational New Drug) approval from the US FDA for its atopic dermatitis pipeline in September 2023 and was gearing up for the eagerly anticipated phase 2 clinical trial following promising clinical data collected in Korea. Additionally, in August of that year, Shaperon had unveiled encouraging results from a multinational phase 2 clinical trial for its COVID-19 pneumonia pipeline.

Dr. Shawn Seong, the visionary founder and CEO of Shaperon, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Since its inception, Shaperon had remained steadfast in its commitment to research and development, underpinned by robust scientific principles. With the resounding success of our IPO last year and the outstanding clinical data we had achieved for our atopic dermatitis and pneumonia pipelines, Shaperon was poised to shift its focus toward the successful licensing and commercialization of these promising treatments with the launch of our new US subsidiary, ‘Hudson Therapeutics.’ I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to present our company’s progress at BioFuture, a premier platform for showcasing our achievements to a global audience of investors.”

Hudson Therapeutics Inc. was founded in February and is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Hudson Therapeutics is responsible for development for Shaperon’s major pipelines and licensing in/out, as well as clinical development in North America.

Sara Demy, CEO of Demy-Colton, the organization behind BioFuture™, shared her excitement about Shaperon’s participation, stating, “We were delighted that Shaperon had chosen to present at BioFuture. BioFuture is renowned for uniting today’s foremost innovators, investors, and business leaders to engage in discussions about the transformative forces shaping the future of healthcare. It served as a platform for identifying game-changing technologies that would drive the future of drug discovery. We were honored to have Shaperon as a vital part of this significant event.”


BioFuture, produced by Demy-Colton, is a conference convening future-focused healthcare thinkers, top investors, stakeholders and cutting-edge companies to “Reimagine the Future of Healthcare”. BioFuture 2023 was held in-person in New York City on October 4-6 at Lotte Palace Hotel, with a virtual access option for digital partnering and recorded content on October 10-12. BioFuture features multiple tracks of plenary sessions, presenting companies, workshops, networking, and an opportunity to schedule one-to-one meetings. BioFuture was founded by Demy-Colton, a leading life sciences and digital health events organization, with a long history of producing high-quality events that build networks between innovative life sciences companies and industry stakeholders.


Shaperon is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel inflammasome inhibitors. Its unique mechanism of action of GPCR19-P2X7 modulation suppresses a broad spectrum of inflammatory cytokines including IL-1β, IL-18, IL-6, and TNF-α by controlling both priming and activation phase of inflammasome, whereas conventional approaches are designed to suppress only the activation phase. With this unique and novel modality which is best suited to address complex immune-mediated inflammatory disorders, we are currently developing multiple clinical programs in atopic dermatitis, cytokine release syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and NASH.

In addition to inflammasome R&D programs, Shaperon has been developing anti-cancer bispecific and trispecific nanobodies. Shaperon’s proprietary immunized nanobody libraries combined with high throughput screening and in vitro/in vivo system enable us to fast forward the realization of advantages of nanobodies over conventional antibody-based medicines. Shaperon are currently developing multi-valent, multi-specific nanobodies in multiple delivery forms in oncology and viral infection diseases. Its lead bispecific nanobody pipeline targets CD47XPD-L1 and has shown strong safety data with little RBC binding and hemagglutination.

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