Southern Bank Optimizes Digital Payments to Deepen Customer Relationships,


AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Southern Bank today announced its deployment of modern digital payment tools, building on their successful earlier launch of Picture Pay, photo bill pay.

Headquartered in Mount Olive, SC, the bank is reporting a 20 percent increase in customer usage of all digital payments with an overall 38 percent increase in average value of money movement transactions.

The bank leverages Malauzai’s PicturePay®, developed in conjunction with Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Allied Payment.

South Carolina’s Southern Bank builds on Picture Pay success and advances to P2P with @MalauzaiMonkeys

“Providing our customers with modern, digital payment tools is a priority for the bank,” said Sondra McCorquodale, senior vice president/alternate delivery channel manager at Southern Bank. “This includes offering self-service channels that are easy to use, provide value and enhance the overall customer relationship.

As the industry evolves, adding more payment options and services is key to providing a superior customer experience and in turn is a significant competitive advantage.”

In addition to PicturePay, the bank has implemented other money movement features such as remote deposit capture (RDC), and P2P.

Ralph Marcuccilli, president and CEO of Allied, said, “As community financial institutions continue to evolve and adapt to today’s digital banking environment, it is important to roll out features like PicturePay® and P2P to build loyalty among existing account holders and attract new customers.

How simple – taking a picture revolutionized payments and now we are excited to partner with Malauzai again on our latest P2P product to really provide differentiation in today’s market.”

Malauzai has seen strong adoption and an almost 40 percent increase in overall usage of money movement features.

Earlier this year, the company conducted a comprehensive research report on the state of mobile banking, highlighting P2P usage had increased by 13 percent alone over previous years, also noting the growth in other mobile-based payment features.

“Mobile-based money movement features like PicturePay, RDC, A2A and P2P are growing in demand and popularity, whatever we can do to help our customers like Southern Bank have access to the latest innovations and stay competitive, we fully support,” said Robb Gaynor, CPO, Malauzai.

About Malauzai Software
Malauzai was incorporated in 2009 in response to the growing demand for a technology company that could provide innovative mobile solutions for community financial organizations.


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Allied Payment Network is an innovation-leading provider of emerging bill pay technologies to the financial services and retail industries.

With its award-winning solution, PicturePay®, Allied pioneered the first mobile photo bill pay application for smartphones and has brought the same level of innovation to its full suite of online and mobile bill pay channels, including solutions for Internet bill pay, small business payments, over-the-counter payments, P2P and online loan payments, among others.

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