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Friday, February 22, 2019
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Tag: open banking

Why collaboration is key to the future of open banking

By Marten Nelson    Prompted by open banking, the big established banks will unlock new waves of fintech innovation by allowing a diverse range of external...

Raisin anuncia un acuerdo de Open Banking con Santander España

Madrid / Berlin, 30 enero de 2019 – Raisin ha anunciado hoy un acuerdo de Open Banking con Santander España que permite a los...

Why all Canadians should care about open banking

By Lisa Shields Open banking is getting press around the globe and even nosed out “Blockchain” as topicdu jour at this season’s major banking and...

Open banking’s next wave: Perspectives from three fintech CEOs

By Laura Brodsky, Chris Ip, and Tobias Lundberg The notion of open banking has been central to financial services dialogue for many months, fueled in...

Deloitte – Open Banking Report

Foreword Retail banking has faced a number of disruptive threats in the past, but each time the traditional banks have adapted and grown stronger. Key...

Data sharing and open banking

Buzzwords like “big data” typically bring to mind quantitative exercises like the application of algorithms and analytics. While these are certainly critical steps to...
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