Over the last few years it’s been incredibly difficult to know where you should be investing your money. Some industries have completely crashed, while others have thrived. Others have emerged from nowhere, and many more have maintained their rapid rise.
We’re beyond the halfway point in 2022 now and if you’re looking to invest some of your savings during what is a difficult period financially for many around the world, then there are a number of industries you could potentially look into.
Here are a handful of our top industries to back currently…

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a must explore for people looking to invest for a number of years now and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. The technology is being snapped up by major businesses and is going to completely change our lives. In fact, it already is.
There are endless possibilities for AI, and backing those who are doing it well is a solid way to boost your portfolio of shares. Of course, research is a must and you have to back the right horse in the race. There is plenty of advice and top tips out there across the web, including here.
AI is going to have a lasting impact on almost every industry, especially as more and more delve deeper into their online offering, using data to create the best possible user experience and intelligently deliver consumers the results they want swiftly and efficiently. It’s a no brainer that the opportunity for investment here is huge.


The casino industry has been booming for a number of years now, largely thanks to the huge rise in online casinos and the ever increasing legalisation across the United States, in particular. It’s believed the industry on a global scale is worth $565billion and that’s only going to increase over the next few years.
That’s why investing in brands and software providers is proving fruitful at present. It’s an incredibly competitive market, however, so knowing where to put your money is incredibly important. The Las Vegas Strip is as strong as ever, so brands based in Sin City offer good opportunities, while online gambling is a little more risky at present for short term gains, but could prove incredibly fruitful in the long run.

Cyber Security

The impact of cyber crime is said to have cost over $6trillion and almost two thirds of all Americans have fallen foul of cyber crime. It’s not going away, and protecting ourselves essentially means that cyber security solutions are in hot demand. It’s a promising industry for investment and with hackers and criminals continuing to find new methods, that demand is always going to be there.
There are a lot of tech firms testing their arm in this field, so it’s worth becoming a bit of an expert yourself in order to find the right investment that’s going to provide the biggest returns. Do your research and read industry journals and you can often find who the key players are and which businesses are leading the race to develop the next big thing in the space.

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