NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thinkium public chain announced to launch on GitHub, the world’s largest technology community, to realize partial open source of key functions. Thinkium concentrates on technology for five years, and has come up with a number of significant innovations.

Crypto asset is often touted as an uncorrelated asset relative to conventional asset classes like equities, bonds, etc. Over the long-term, this holds true, but in the short-to-medium term, correlations tend to fluctuate depending on market conditions and general risk appetite. In this case, the call for rationality and technical value should be paid more attention to.

Recently, Thinkium has summarize 9 breakthrough in technical aspect, including multi-layer multi-chain structure, the Aplati tree structure, a four-layer stack architecture, the Actor-based parallel processing model, Dual-coin ecosystem, Themis network consensus mechanism and etc. The innovations not only enable the cross-chain communication in high efficiency but also make chains theoretically achieve unlimited scalability. In order to bring better changes, these technologies and functions have been partially open sourced on GitHub.

In addition, Thinkium community grew immensely in June around the consensus because users realized that Thinkium is a free, decentralized and open source protocol with a reliable scalability, security, and very well maintained governance. Currently, Thinkium not only have a creative Reddit Community, but also have telegram groups from Sweden, Russia, Japan, Spain, and Australia developing with crazy speed.

How to integrate the digital world and the physical world would be the next stage of the public blockchain and Thinkium itself aims at the next stage indeed. “In 2022, the first sub chain of Themis network will be built, the DeFi infrastructure, the decentralized commerce infrastructure and the decentralized metaverse infrastructure will be running.” Milen Marinov, chairman of Thinkium foundation, revealed in an earlier interview. Furthermore, Milen released the monthly developments of technology, media and community on YouTube, the immense developing speed caused a sensation.


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