Businesses can now make quick and secure payments with an additional layer of privacy

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HackNotice, the leading threat awareness platform, now accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. The new shift to accepting digital currencies allows security and privacy-conscious businesses to make safe, easy, and quick transactions. The company accepts two different types of digital currencies, Monero and Bitcoin.

At visionary companies, digital currencies are quickly replacing traditional payment methods because of their ease of use, better protection, and anonymous nature of transactions. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money based on blockchain technology. Popular digital currencies like Monero and Bitcoin are a secure and efficient way to make payments compared to traditional money.

Cryptocurrencies identify users by numerical codes, ensuring an untraceable transaction. This level of anonymity makes cryptocurrency a preferred choice compared to traditional currency systems, as little personal information is required to conduct transactions, providing increased user privacy. Privacy-focused currencies like Monero offer additional protections against spying and tracing payments and transactions.

Another thing to consider is there are no exchange rates and low fees, which makes payments more seamless for international clients. Additionally, it only takes a few minutes to transfer cryptocurrency, as opposed to waiting several business days for bank transfers of traditional funds to go through.

“In addition to the increased security of cryptocurrency, HackNotice is adopting digital currencies as a payment method because it is easier for businesses to use. We are committed to protecting the security of our clients and know how hard our customers work to cultivate a culture of security. We believe in the mission of privacy currencies like Monero and know our customers appreciate our efforts to keep their transactions secure and private.,” said Steve Thomas, Co-Founder, and CEO of HackNotice.

The shift to blockchain payment technology is a security-conscious move for businesses wanting to reduce their threat landscape. Sign up for a free account here to learn more about HackNotice’s threat awareness platform.

About HackNotice

HackNotice is the only company-wide threat awareness platform, making employees safer online. Users monitor, review, and take swift actions against their real cyber threats. The platform bridges the gap between security teams and other employees through real-time alerts, around-the-clock monitoring, recovery recommendations, and a full security training and assessment program. HackNotice’s mission is to make all employees threat-aware, creating a resilient security culture. Founded in 2019, HackNotice is located in Austin, TX. For more information, visit


Beatrice O’Campo

HackNotice Marketing Manager