From executive-level vision to program execution, TranSigma will work with your leadership team to create a powerful transformation program that delivers

SHELTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CISO–TranSigma, an agile transformation management consulting firm, today announces a new service offering, Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS). ETS is an integrated scalable approach starting at the very top of your organization to set a vision, create a mindset for change, develop a roadmap and run the program.

Within each of its service offerings, TranSigma applies Agile, Lean and Change Management to transform your business into the digital enterprise of the future. Having an unwavering focus on value to the customer and employees, we use data-driven methods to produce automated streamlined processes.

In this exciting new cutting-edge approach, Enterprise Transformation Services teams of experienced executives, mindset coaches, agilists, program leaders and support analysts/technicians collaborate to solve core business transformation issues.

Over a 120-day* timeframe, we will:

1. Help your team crystallize a Shared Vision.

2. Develop a cohesive Mindset for Change utilizing assessments, online micro-learning, team coaching, individual coaching, and objective setting.

3. Deliver a vibrant Transformation Platform that builds Transparency, Adaptability, and Inspection into the DNA of your journey’s entire lifecycle.

*Metric-tracking and other technical processes may take longer to set up, depending upon your organization’s capabilities and culture.

If you need assistance to run the program, our teams of certified scrum masters and professional project managers can even manage the program execution for you (either initially or for the full term of the transformation).

Create a Shared Vision

The desired outcome of change should be clear and able to be widely shared and understood. It will be shaped in behavioral terms. We will work with your core leadership team to develop a Vision that works for your company to unify and energize the program from the start.

Create a Mindset for Change

The workforce, work environments, and customer expectations are changing drastically. You’ve already created remarkable progress along the way. Creating a Mindset for Change hybrid coaching process will enable your leaders to play a vital role in your continued success.

When it comes to change, most organizations focus on systems, processes, and procedures. Few even recognize that their best efforts will fail without an individual and collective positive mindset, especially now.

Creating a Mindset for Change is a 90-day hybrid coaching process centered around driving change at a psychological level for management and employees alike. It enables and helps employees change their mindset. With a new mindset, employees are prepared for change that is occurring. This process shows how an intentional focus on what you want rather than on what you are trying to avoid turns insight into actions and actions into breakthrough outcomes.

This is not another positive “attitude” program, it is an individual empowerment program that delves into our natural instincts to focus on what we fear and are trying to avoid. Our process does not replace a change management program – but augments it. What we have created drives change to the individual. It empowers leaders and employees to accomplish positive outcomes. It is a piece of the puzzle to create the needed culture shift.

Deliver a Transformation Platform

What good is a strategy without proper execution? We have all heard and seen the stories of a good strategy poorly executed. TranSigma has built name for itself in the ‘strategy execution’ space by delivering results.

We know the best frameworks include a foundation of transparency, adaptation, and inspection. These characteristics will be a part of everything we do for your platform. This requires rhythm and rigor, a frequent heartbeat of inspection, retrospection, planning and execution.

Your Transformation Platform will include:

  • A transformation roadmap that provides an overall plan to begin your journey. This plan will be monitored and adapted to changing circumstances and results.
  • Information Radiators that provide constant output and leading indicator metrics You will see where you are on the journey and how effective the transformation is performing. Feedback on teams’ velocity, acceleration, financial forecasts, “happiness” and more can be included.
  • Continuous Improvement is a critical component of the program. Without this, programs sometimes lose steam, and fade – increasing the risk of a failed transformation. This must be built into the DNA of the program so the program is constantly adapting, improving, and accelerating. Our team will customize a platform that does this while fitting within your culture and delivering results.
  • Your journey also requires mobilizing commitment. Our program to create a mindset for change is highly scalable and can be rolled out throughout the enterprise, down to the lowest level

Management and Operations

Every successful program has a team that nurtures the process and overcomes impediments. If your enterprise requires this ability, TranSigma has the experience to deliver teams that provide the oversight and capability to work with all levels of your organization throughout the lifecycle of the transformation.

Kevin Hanrahan, CEO of TranSigma, said: “This is an amazing service offering. Any transformation is only as good as its weakest link. We have all seen high-profile transformations that could have been great but did not follow through. TranSigma succeeded in creating an exciting new integrated scalable platform designed to deliver transformations from inception through results. Everything begins and ends with people. But without a good framework, even the best of intentions struggles to succeed. We combine agile best practices, cutting-edge micro learning techniques, and global program management experience in a powerful transformation platform.”

About TranSigma

Digital process transformation is TranSigma’s mission. The firm’s unique data-driven approach utilizes agile, change management, and lean process reengineering to lead your transformational strategies to success. Specialized in-house skills such as IT, finance, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, banking, and enterprise data management are fully integrated into its service delivery teams. For more information about our organization, please visit


Kevin M. Hanrahan, Chief Executive Officer