Turning Big Data into Business Insights


Big data is a big deal in business right now. There are more methods than ever to gather information about any aspect of a company, but how can it then be sorted, analyzed, and turned into actionable insights? This ZDNet/TechRepublic special report, Turning Big Data into Business Insights, examines how that’s being done.

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This report features several case studies about companies who are currently using big data to transform the way they do business. Danny Palmer explains how HelloFresh uses big data and analytics tools to gauge what meals customers might be interested in cooking, and then to ship pre-portioned ingredients to make those meals. For example, the company might see that the Vietnamese dish pho is trending in online searches and add that to the menu. Tas Bindi talked with the CEO of online bookseller Booktopia about how the company used analytics tools to improve the book buying experience and increase sales. And in a case study of online home goods retailer Wayfair, Alison DeNisco details how the company increased sales by using big data to create a feature which allowed shoppers to search the site with a photo and find like items.

This free ebook also includes advice about pitfalls to avoid when using big data as a digital transformation tool, how to choose big data partners, and original research from Tech Pro Research on how companies are currently collecting and using data.

To read all these articles, download the PDF here: Special report: Turning Big Data into Business Insights.