With Vesper Earn, users can deposit LINK and earn yield in the DAI stablecoin (and vice-versa)

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DeFiVesper Finance, an easy-to-use decentralized finance (DeFi) platform for digital asset growth, announced that Vesper Earn now supports LINK, the token that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This enables users to deposit LINK, earn yield in the DAI stablecoin, and vice-versa.

Transform LINK Yield with Vesper Earn

Launched last month, Vesper Earn is a new type of DeFi product that enables users to deposit one cryptocurrency asset and earn yield in another, through a new DeFi concept called “programmable yield.”

This opens up new possibilities for both the LINK community and those interested in joining it. LINK holders can use Vesper Earn to deposit their assets and earn yield in DAI for everyday spending, while DAI holders can accumulate LINK in the form of yield earned.

The LINK-to-DAI and DAI-to-LINK pairs join several others on Vesper Earn, including:

Deposit LINK, Earn More LINK

Also launching today is an Aggressive Vesper Grow pool for LINK. With this addition, LINK holders now have more flexibility for how they earn yield in the asset deposited based on their unique goals and risk tolerance. Aggressive strategies adhere to the rigorous testing and audit standard of all Vesper products but may interface with more adventurous protocols.

“Holding on to one’s LINK has always been an article of faith within that community. Vesper allows the LINK community to enjoy the best of all worlds: deposit LINK to earn more yield in LINK, or instead choose to take that yield in the form of a stablecoin,” said Jordan Kruger, co-founder of Vesper Finance. “For those who want to increase their LINK holdings over time, our new Vesper Earn DAI-to-LINK pool allows them to do this in the easiest way possible. We look forward to welcoming new LINK holders into our community and fulfilling Vesper’s promise of offering the most seamless way to earn in DeFi.”

Additional details are available on Medium.

About Vesper Finance

Vesper Finance is a platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) products that simplify digital asset growth for individuals and organizations. With well-audited engineering and an easy-to-use interface, Vesper’s products allow users to earn yield on their digital assets by harnessing the most powerful and innovative financial protocols available. By fusing the best aspects of DeFi’s open source nature and the professionalism required by traditional finance, Vesper creates and supports the conditions for DeFi’s success to the long-term benefit of all participants. Learn more at www.vesper.finance and follow on Medium, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.


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