SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC), a HealthFi ecosystem that leverages Web3 technology to promote positive lifestyle habits, today announced the listing of its native utility coin, $VSC, on premier cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC. The addition of the $VSC coin on MEXC advances Vyvo Smart Chain’s mission to empower individual wearable technology users with agency over their personal health data. Through its HealthFi ecosystem, Vyvo Smart Chain promotes and rewards positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization.

“We’re thrilled to announce MEXC’s listing of $VSC,” said Fabio Galdi, Vyvo Smart Chain Co-Founder & CEO. “With its dedication to high-level security and user-friendliness, MEXC is recognized as one of the most trusted exchanges in the space. We’re excited to offer active users additional avenues to interact with our native coin and leverage its utility within our VSC ecosystem. We are honoring our commitments to our community to expand the scope, scale, and integrity of our project.”

While the healthcare data market value sat at $26.7 billion in 2022, the market valuation is expected to reach $122 billion by 2030 – a compound annual growth rate of 23.12%. Although several factors influence the growth trajectory of the healthcare data market, the impact of wearable technology cannot be overstated. The ability of wearable technology to track patient data is known to help doctors better understand their patients’ overall health and a major reason why the wearable technology market already standing at 1.1 Billion IoT devices as of 2023 is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15% by 2030.

Despite the fact that collected user health data delivers health corporations valuable analytics, the ways in which the data is collected from users is cause for concern. The overwhelming majority of wearable technology users are unaware that their data is actively mined and sold, not to mention that users are in no way rewarded for the collected data.

Vyvo Smart Chain delivers a platform that leverages blockchain technology for the management of personal health data in a trustless, anonymous, and permissionless manner to provide users greater control and privacy over their wearable health and wellness data.

“We believe users alone own their data and its value, and they alone should determine who – and if – their data is shared,” added VSC Foundation Co-Founder & COO Mariana Krym. “At Vyvo Smart Chain, we’re setting a new standard for users to protect, own, manage, and monetize their most valuable data: their health. We’re confident Web3 represents the future of digital health data ownership.”

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About Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC)

VSC is a newly released purpose-chain. VSC is a HealthFi ecosystem built on Vyvo Smart Chain and supported by the VSC Foundation which promotes and rewards positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization while ensuring data privacy. VSC strongly believes that people should own their own health data and its value.


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