Black soldier fly circular economy start-up scores with judges at Expo Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#biotech–Circular economy start-up Entoprotech, which uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to sustainably convert organic waste into high-value products, is a Global Winner of the Uniting Water Energy Food (UWEF) Innovation Finals.

The competition was hosted at Expo Dubai 2020 (postponed to January 2022) as the fifth and final part of the UWEF Innovation Tour, where top innovations in water, energy, and food were selected out of 1,200 candidates to compete in the finals.

Entoprotech CEO Sasha Babitsky impressed by describing how his company uses BSFL to solve big global problems, including pollution, climate change and food insecurity. Rather than dumping organic waste into landfills, where it would generate dangerous greenhouse gasses, organizations divert their waste to Entoprotech, where it is fed to the highly evolved and very hungry BSFL, which can eat almost everything organic at amazing pace.

The BSFL are then converted into high-quality protein, insect fat (oil), fertiliser and other valuable products that ensure high-quality food reaches plates around the world. Entoprotech’s pilot facility already processes 15 tonnes of waste per day, and the startup is in negotiations with five partners to establish a dozen more facilities around the globe. In September 2021, Entoprotech received investment from Granot, the biggest agricultural cooperative in Israel, and major food producer Damate is a founding shareholder.

In Sasha’s own words while competing in the ring: “We are ready to go. The solution is technologically ready. We just need partners and money to deploy it globally and to make an impact.”

Entoprotech also wowed the judges with its R&D capabilities, which are already yielding results, as a project in partnership with researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem working on BSFL fat application to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD) such as Colitis and Crohn’s.

Sasha Babitsky, Entoprotech CEO, said: “It was an honour to participate in the prestigious UWEF innovation finals and I had great fun battling it out with my opponent in the ring. Our competition was tough – the other finalist startups are incredibly innovative and impactful – and we see this victory as a strong endorsement of Entoprotech’s continued success as we continue to work with our partners to scale and expand the BSFL solution globally.”

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About Entoprotech

Entoprotech is a circular economy startup engaged in food waste treatment and processing situated at the forefront of cleantech and agritech sectors. By harnessing black soldier fly larvae, the company merges proprietary technology with strategic partnerships in genetics, biochemistry, and animal feeds. Entoprotech provides solutions that contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fulfil key protein shortages while managing organic waste. Headquartered in Israel, Entoprotech has R&D activity in Israel and Russia and a production facility processing 15 tons of organic waste daily. For more information, please visit


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