Why Altcoins’ prices are falling & when will they recover?

A flurry of factors could have contributed to the recent volatile trading noted in the altcoins prices over the past few days. Here we discuss the potential reasons and recovery timeline.

  • Altcoins prices has witnessed volatile trading lately amid a similar scenario in the Bitcoin price.
  • A flurry of macroeconomic factors and global trends could have contributed to the recent downturn performance of the market.
  • However, despite the recent slump, the market pundits remains optimistic over a potential recovery.
The altcoin prices have noted volatile trading over the past few days, with Ethereum, Solana XRP, and others noting declines. Meanwhile, the decline in the broader crypto market also followed a slump in Bitcoin price, sparking discussions over potential reasons behind the slump.
A flurry of macroeconomic factors and global trends could have weighed on the recent sentiment recently. So, here we take a look at the top reasons behind the recent drop in prices.

Why is Altcoins Prices Falling?

Some of the top reasons behind the recent selloff include:

Bitcoin ETF Outflow

After witnessing robust inflows for the past few weeks, the U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF recorded an outflow of $200.4 million on Monday, June 11. This sudden reverse in trends has weighed on the broader market sentiment, which could have contributed to the recent slump in the altcoin prices.
The robust inflow into Bitcoin ETFs has so far boosted the market optimism, triggering a rally in the Bitcoin price over the past few weeks. In addition, the altcoins prices also followed suit, witnessing significant gains, before noting a decline from last week.

U.S. Job Data Triggers Altcoin Decline

Last week’s U.S. Job data came in stronger than expected, dampening hopes of the investors over a potential dovish stance by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Notably, the Federal Reserve has maintained a hawkish stance so far this year with their policy rate plans, to combat the red-hot inflation.
Having said that, the European Central Bank (ECB), which has also maintained a similar stance, announced a rate cut last week. Although anticipations for a similar move by the U.S. central bank also soared following that, the labor market data has diminished hopes, as the market awaits further economic clarity.

Inflation, FOMC, & Fed Chair’s Comment To Impact Altcoins Performance

After the gloomy economic data last week, investors are now eagerly waiting for today’s U.S. CPI inflation data, FOMC interest rate decisions, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference. The U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data will provide cues on the current inflation level in the nation, a crucial factor in deciding the future of the altcoin prices. In addition, the market will also keep a close track of tomorrow’s U.S. PPI data, for further cues on inflation.
On the other hand, the FOMC interest rate decision will play a crucial role in shaping the market performance in the coming days. Although the market is anticipating the Federal Reserve to maintain its policy rate, any other decision might impact the market. Simultaneously, Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s remark will provide insights into the potential future move of the central bank with the interest rate plans.
Considering that, the market seems to be taking a pause ahead of the crucial events, potentially causing a heightened volatile scenario in the altcoin prices.

When Will The Altcoins Prices Rebound?

The broader crypto market has witnessed volatile trading before the previous FOMC events as well this year. However, soon after the event, the overall market noted a strong recovery, wiping off the losses recorded before the event.
Considering that, the market pundits anticipate a recovery in the altcoin prices soon after the event. But despite the anticipation, it’s also worth noting that if the U.S. CPI data comes in hotter than expected, it could extend the ongoing volatility in the altcoin prices. Simultaneously, the Fed’s comment, especially if any hawkish stance is taken by the central bank, will also impact the overall market sentiment.


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