Mobile casino traffic is rising worldwide, especially in Sweden. We asked Carlos Norberg, an experienced writer and reviewer in the gaming industry, to help explain the reasons for this rise in mobile casino traffic. According to Spelinspektionen 2019 statistics, Swedes spent SEK 3,043 per inhabitant on licenced Swedish gambling sites. We have no recent official statistics. 

The reasons for the rise in mobile usage of online casinos fall into two groups:

  • User related
  • Casino related

Let’s look at a few reasons for the rise in people accessing an casino utan spelpaus trustly with a smartphone in 2021. 

User Related Reasons

The first group of reasons for increased mobile traffic for online casinos come from the way we view and use the internet in general. Many online markets, including gambling sites, have noticed the shift in user preferences and evolved to match it. The reasons for more people using mobiles for internet tasks include:

  • Connectivity
  • Convenience
  • Market penetration


Sweden has one of the best mobile networks globally. Swedes were quick to recognise the importance of communicating efficiently and were among the first countries to roll out both the 3G and 4G networks. Swedish telecom operators have been increasing 5G coverage since May 2020. 

You have access to fast, reliable, and stable internet across Sweden, allowing for increased mobile internet usage amongst the population. The increased access to reliable mobile networks impacts how you use this resource, extending to online casinos and gambling. 


Hard-working people prize convenience over all else, especially when it comes to entertainment. You always have your smartphone with you but don’t always have ready access to a computer. It’s easier and more convenient to use your mobile for browsing the internet. 

Internet users access more content globally from a cellphone than ever before. Today, 85% of email users access their email accounts via mobile. The trend continues across all spectrums of internet use, including accessing casino games and betting sites.  

Market Penetration

In 2019 88,06% (4,8 billion) Swedes had access to a smartphone, one of the highest market penetrations for these devices globally. Experts predict that the numbers will increase to 95,88% by 2025. As the number of smartphone users rises, so does the usage of these devices. 

As a greater number of consumers have access to mobiles with excellent connectivity, they use them for more internet-based tasks, including entertainment. Every year more people use mobiles to shop, research, and gamble. 

Casino Related Reasons

The changes in the behaviour of internet users have forced any business that relies on the internet for success to change the way they work. For gambling sites, that means enhancing the online casino experiences of mobile users. They’ve made several improvements in recent years to encourage mobile internet users to use their services. A few things casinos have done to increase mobile access include:

  • Improving game quality
  • Offering greater variety
  • Providing more mobile-friendly websites

Game Quality

One of the first technology changes that game developers and online casinos embraced to achieve a better mobile experience was HTML coding. In the early 2000s, most online games used flash players but changing to HTML coding allowed for better game quality and experience for mobile users. 

The software developers now release mobile casino games to match any games they develop for access from a computer. The big gaming companies code their games to be mobile-friendly from the beginning of the development process. The users have responded by accessing more of these offerings from their smartphones. 

Game Variety

When the concept of mobile-friendly casinos was in its infancy, you could access gambling sites from a smartphone or tablet. Still, the functionality was limited, and many games didn’t work. Today you have almost the same variety of games as a player using a computer, and developers optimise nearly all new games for smartphone use. 

Instead of being restricted to the most basic games, as was the case in the past, smartphone users have a wide choice of games and game types they can play from their mobiles. Some gambling sites even offer live dealer games for mobile in addition to slots. It’s even possible to live-stream sports events and engage in live sports betting from your smartphone. 

Rise In The Number Of Mobile-Friendly Casinos

The inevitable consequence of the changes in user behaviour and the provision of technology is the increased number of mobile-friendly casinos. Most popular gambling sites now offer versions designed for mobile or have developed Android and iOS apps to cater for mobile customers

New sites ensure that they launch mobile versions alongside the websites designed for computer access. The rise in mobile-friendly gambling sites and games is sure to drive more gamblers to access online casinos via their smartphones. Combined with a general shift in users behaviour, this will accelerate a trend that already exists. 


Mobile casino traffic is rising worldwide, but the change is more noticeable in Sweden. A higher percentage of the Swedish population has access to smartphones than most other countries globally. The trend is likely to continue and even gain momentum as casinos improve the mobile experience. 

Casinos have responded to an existing change in their customers’ behaviour, improving their mobile offerings. The better mobile experience encourages more people to use their mobiles for online entertainment. 

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