LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BlockchainWorld Mobile (https://worldmobile.io/), the first global mobile network powered by blockchain technology and the sharing economy, announces a strategic partnership with Adaptive Broadband (https://www.adaptivebroadband.org/), Inc., a leading rural wireless ISP based in the U.S. state of Oregon, and subsidiary of Adaptive Ad Systems, Inc. (PINK:AATV). This partnership marks the commencement of World Mobile’s U.S. commercial operations in the USA for World Mobile, and the integration of its decentralized AirNode infrastructure (https://worldmobile.io/blog/post/what-is-an-airnode) and sharing economy into Adaptive Broadband’s existing wireless ISP network.

Adaptive Broadband brings more than 15 years of experience in delivering reliable internet services servicing rural communities in Oregon. By collaborating with World Mobile, Adaptive Broadband integrates its infrastructure into the sharing economy, converting more than 70 of its existing radios, towers, and hotspots into AirNodes. These AirNodes are then being validated and authenticated using the World Mobile blockchain, AYA.

The partnership converts Adaptive Broadband’s rapidly growing subscriber base into World Mobile customers, enabling them to access cellular coverage and Over-The-Top (OTT) services in rural towns surrounding Salem, Oregon. This enhancement in connectivity options transforms the ISP from a “one-play” to a “three-play” provider, offering a comprehensive suite of services to its customer base. It also reinforces World Mobile’s vision of building a more inclusive, connected world and generating revenue for its sharing economy.

Charles Barnett, Chief Business Officer of World Mobile, said: “We are delighted to partner with Adaptive Broadband, a pioneer in rural wireless internet service provision. This partnership demonstrates the power and potential of our AirNode technology and sharing economy model, which can unlock new revenue streams for ISPs and new connectivity options for customers. We look forward to expanding our presence in the USA and other markets with similar opportunities.”

J. Michael Heil, Adaptive Broadband CEO, said: “We are excited to work with World Mobile, a global leader in blockchain-powered mobile network solutions. This partnership allows us to leverage their hybrid dynamic network technology and platform to enhance our service delivery and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be part of their mission to connect the unconnected and under-connected communities around the world.

About World Mobile

World Mobile is democratizing global connectivity through its blockchain-based network. Unlike traditional telecom providers, World Mobile operates on a sharing economy model, allowing individuals and businesses to run nodes, connect their communities, and generate revenue.

For more information, visit https://worldmobile.io/

About Adaptive Broadband

Adaptive Broadband, Inc. is a leading rural wireless ISP based in Oregon, USA, and a subsidiary of Adaptive Ad Systems, Inc. (PINK: AATV). Adaptive Broadband provides reliable residential and commercial internet services to rural communities in Oregon using its state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure. Adaptive Broadband is committed to collaborations that drive innovation and enhance service delivery in the telecommunications sector.

For more information, visit adaptivebroadband.org


Ari Karp

ReBlonde for World Mobile Group