The charitable foundation, committed to supporting schools, will acquire a World Mobile Portal AirNode package for its community-owned wireless network, enabling partnerships with local entities to expand networks and contribute to community development

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–World Mobile, a global mobile network combining decentralized infrastructure with blockchain technology, has joined forces with MAV100, a charitable foundation dedicated to providing technical and financial support to help schools run their own telecommunications and virtual networks. By joining World Mobile’s Partner Programme, the partnership works to help MAV100 build a community-owned mobile network to deliver connectivity to Chelan County in rural Washington.

The significant gaps in telecommunications infrastructure faced by remote or underprivileged communities present a daunting challenge to connectivity and development. In these areas, the limitations of centralized telecommunications systems become notably pronounced, exacerbating the existing digital divide. With inadequate infrastructure, individuals and communities typically struggle to access essential services, education, and economic opportunities. The lack of robust connectivity obstructs progress, perpetuating disparities between regions with well-established networks and those contending with connectivity gaps.

MAV100 responds to these challenges by introducing decentralized solutions to empower students and establish school-run telecommunications and virtual networks. The initiative redirects revenue generated by the nodes to educational programs, offering training in telecommunications and blockchain governance. Actively engaging communities and local businesses through Community Cooperative Membership NFTs, MAV100 instills a sense of ownership and participation in decentralized networks, envisioning a global social contract.

The World Mobile Partner Programme enables entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their proprietary network and sharing economy by providing access to decentralized wireless network infrastructure, industry-accredited training, logistical support, and guidance on operations.

MAV100 plans to purchase and donate AirNodes from World Mobile in collaboration with Associated Student Body Clubs, using proceeds to expand the network. The initiative aims to fundraise by encouraging community members to subscribe to World Mobile initially, eventually providing robust telecommunications services to the community through AirNodes.

AirNodes are radio devices providing user access to World Mobile’s network, fostering community connection and revenue generation based on network usage. Recently, World Mobile expanded its decentralized wireless network by securing licensed spectrum across the U.S. and launching its services in rural Oregon earlier this year. Operating on CBRS spectrum bands, AirNodes offer high-speed, long-range connectivity, and extended coverage in both rural and urban areas, bringing the sharing economy to telecoms.

“We are thrilled to welcome MAV100 to the World Mobile Partner Programme,” said Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile. “They share our vision of connecting everyone, everywhere while advocating for economic freedom and dignity. By joining our network, they will be able to provide mobile connectivity to rural areas that are underserved by traditional mobile operators, and empower their communities with the benefits of the digital economy.”

“We are excited to join the World Mobile Partner Program and leverage their innovative technology and expertise,” affirms Cameron Smith, founder of MAV100. “We believe that mobile connectivity is a basic human right, and that education is the key to unlocking the potential of the next generation. By joining the World Mobile network, we will be able to help schools in rural Washington state to access the internet, and to create their own community-owned mobile networks that can generate revenue and social impact.”

About World Mobile Group:

World Mobile Group is on a mission to connect everyone, everywhere. With nearly four billion people left offline, digital exclusion is a significant problem. Unlike traditional mobile networks, World Mobile Group is run by the people for the people, so anyone can connect their community to the Internet and share the rewards. In partnership with IOG, World Mobile Group is creating a more sustainable future for all.

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About MAV100:

MAV100 is a visionary initiative aimed at realizing a decentralized future through the integration of Cardano blockchain solutions into communities, starting with students. The mission encompasses building a Community Cooperative Telecommunications Network (CCTN) and empowering individuals with the tools to become catalysts for positive change.

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