Security data breaches seem to be a thing that happens almost daily. There is always some headline talking about a company or individual that was taken for a ride because their data wasn’t being protected properly.

Other times, it’s just very skilled hackers that know what they are doing. Here are the three most common causes of serious data breaches and what to do about them.

Weak Credentials

We all know the importance of having more than one password for every account. Regardless of if it’s just to get into your library account or your bank, you need a strong password. The best kinds of usernames and passwords are ones that you are likely to forget unless you think of a system.

Writing the passwords down doesn’t help either, because then anyone will see every account you have. Use complicated passwords that you will still be able to remember, such as your favorite TV series but with a mix of numbers and capitals, along with some punctuation marks. Where ever possible, use two or three-factor authentication so that you can confirm your account by activating it on your phone.

Overuse of Permission Allowed

It can be convenient to have your phone or computer instantly log you into a website. Especially when you use that website every day and it doesn’t link to your bank account. You may think this is safe. The problem is that even the smallest access can grant someone your social security number and personal email address. All it takes is for that person to hack into your email to reset your password and you have a major problem.

The idea is to keep it as simple as you can and don’t give permissions to everything just because it’s easier. Protect yourself by being overly cautious when it comes to data breaches and don’t take any chances. To know just how serious, it can get check out the costliest data breaches of all time that popular companies have fallen victim to.

Malicious Intent

There is no denying that a disgruntled employee may try to get back at a company for something such as unfair dismissal. Employees have access to incredibly sensitive company information, and most will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Sometimes malicious intent overrides that trust and loyalty, and even when someone signed something, it doesn’t mean they won’t still try to steal important data anyway.

It’s unfortunate but the temptation to get a big payday from an easy hack is something very popular in the 21st century. As technology changes, there will always be some vulnerability that someone can exploit.

It’s believed that most serious data breaches are pure opportunity at play, but sometimes hackers are planning for the long game. It just takes the right company to slip up on their security policies to be the next big name in the news. Data breaches will continue to happen, but there are ways that you can limit the occurrence and not be caught by surprise.

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