London, 11 December 2018,

The FINTECH Bridge Journal provides for the first time an independent and comprehensive overview including listing the countries, the government entities and the dates the 46 global “FinTech Bridges” were established. Susanne Chishti, CEO of FINTECH Circle comments: “Governments worldwide have done a terrific job in creating Fintech Bridges to support their fintech ecosystems. But although globally 46 FINTECH Bridges have been established, the majority of fintech stakeholders do not really know what they mean. That’s where we aim to fill the gap to empower fintech companies to leverage what governments and financial regulators have put in place.”

The FINTECH Bridge Journal identifies common characteristics across all Fintech Bridges:

  • Bilateral mechanism for referral of FinTech startups and innovative firms seeking to enter each other’s markets
  • Financial regulators providing support to reduce regulatory uncertainty and reduce time to market
  • Regulators are committed to share information on emerging trends, and regulatory and policy issues

The first issue is focused on the FINTECH Bridge between China and the United Kingdom and will be launched at the FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference on 11 December in London. The UK Fintech Bridge to China was originally established by the UK and Chinese Governments as part of the UK-China 8th Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD) in London in November 2016.


The FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference will be opened up by Mr. Sunan Jiang, the Minister Counsellor for Science and Technology, at the Chinese Embassy in the UK. The first FINTECH Bridge Awards will be presented during the evening reception after pre-selected UK and Chinese fintech companies pitched to a Jury made out of leading UK and Chinese Venture Capitalists and corporate investors.

The UK has played a leading role in developing Fintech Bridges pioneering the first FinTech Bridge with Singapore in May 2016. The 1st FinTech Bridge Journal provides a global overview across all Fintech Bridges and then focuses on the UK-China Bridge based on both primary and secondary research being conducted in English and Mandarin.

The FINTECH Bridge China-UK Conference celebrates international Fintech innovation, collaboration and cross-border investments bringing together the finance and government elite from Greater China and the UK with ground breaking content coupled with the opportunity to hear from speakers from both Greater China and the UK on their expertise in this area.

About FINTECH Circle

FINTECH Circle ( is a global community of more than 120,000 Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, financial services professionals and Fintech thought-leaders, focusing on FinTech seed investing, education and enterprise innovation. FINTECH Circle launched The FINTECH Book in 2016 and The WealthTECH Book and The InsurTECH Book in June 2018. All 3 books are published by WILEY and became global bestsellers. The FINTECH Book is the 1st globally crowd-sourced book on financial technology and a global bestseller across 107 countries in 10 languages.

The FINTECH Circle Institute was launched in 2017 and provides fintech education for C-level executives at board level with FINTECH Masterclasses in person and also online fintech courses across all fintech sub-sectors from wealthtech, insurtech, regtech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship globally.