With Board Builder and Enterprise Software Solutions, It’s A New Era in Human-Data Interaction

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aboard, the AI-powered data management platform for everyone, today releases its latest update. With a suite of enhancements across its web experience, mobile application, and browser extension, Aboard is the leading solution for individuals, teams, and businesses to organize, share, and collaborate on data. The Aboard platform now allows enterprises to create new software solutions in minutes, instead of months.

Central to this update is the introduction of “Board Builder,” a groundbreaking feature designed to redefine user interaction with software by offering custom-built boards with a simple command. From organizing recipes to compiling research on small business management tools, Board Builder leverages AI to create tailored boards that meet specific user needs, demonstrating Aboard’s commitment to making sophisticated data management accessible to everyone.

Board Builder’s premise is straightforward: users type what they need, and Board Builder brings it to life. This feature not only showcases Aboard’s advanced AI power but also addresses the universal challenge of software onboarding.

“We’re aiming to make the world’s easiest data management tool for everyone–individuals and groups, organizations and businesses,” said co-founder Richard Ziade, “From small non-profit teams to large companies integrating with legacy systems who need simple software for their thousands of employees, Aboard can help.”

“Board Builder gives you a starter software kit for just about anything you imagine, in under a minute,” said co-founder Paul Ford. “And then you can rename or add fields and tweak it a little. Suddenly, a half-hour after you had an idea, you’ve got working software customized for you–and your team is in there adding data.”

Board Builder is the latest addition to Aboard’s suite of intuitive tools that give people control over data. Since its initial release, Aboard has been a smarter way of organizing data like notes, links, browser tabs, spreadsheet columns, and rows, into highly visual boards that can then be shared, published and collaborated on by teams, friends or family members.

By bridging the gap between complex data management requirements and user-friendly interfaces, Aboard is not just transforming the way people interact with software; it’s setting the stage for a future where anyone can turn their ideas into custom, functional software in no time.

For further information, visit Aboard.com.

About Aboard:

Aboard is an AI-powered data management platform that makes digital life better for users and accelerates software development for enterprises. Aboard is co-founded by software industry veterans Richard Ziade and Paul Ford and is based in New York City.