SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scepter is an AI and data analytics company that was founded in 2016 to provide global-to-local, real-time monitoring and analysis of atmospherics by capturing gas and particulate data throughout the entire vertical air column. Scepter’s patented approach integrates existing ground-based sensor networks with its own space-based, state-of-the-art hyperspectral sensors to provide a unique 3D view of the atmosphere, a perspective not provided by anyone today.

Scepter is able to distill complex atmospheric ecosystems into robust big data sets that, when fused with other relevant data such as health, wind, weather and consumer records, can provide comprehensive situational awareness for commercial and government customers.

“We’re starting our mission with a focus on both aerosol and methane detection, launching with an information service offering to the oil & gas industry,” states Philip Father, Scepter founder and CEO. “When governments, NGOs and companies can see and quantify what’s moving around in the atmosphere in real time, they will know how they contribute to air quality, self-assess and act in accordance with ESG principles.”

“Scepter’s information helps commercial operators manage their business better, going beyond detection and quantification. This leads to opportunities across multiple industry verticals and working with government agencies in areas like wildfire management where Scepter can deliver a holistic solution,” said Peter Luchetti, Managing Partner of Table Rock Infrastructure Partners.

“We’re excited to participate in Scepter’s big data platform. Using best-in-class sensors, AI and data analytics, companies will be able to transform their business and provide customers with unique insights to lower costs and increase revenues as well as leverage actionable data to drive environmental initiatives,” said John Tilney, Partner at L37 Ventures. “The Scepter platform will have immediate scale and impact in partnership with a Fortune 10 energy firm.”

About Scepter, Inc.: Scepter is an AI and atmospheric data analytics company that has developed and patented a groundbreaking approach to monitoring and impacting air quality in real-time using an array of terrestrial, airborne and Low-Earth-Orbit satellite-based sensors to measure the vertical air column. Scepter provides global-to-local, real-time air pollution data, integrated with data from other sources and analyzed to provide actionable information for businesses, consumers, governments and NGOs. For more information, please visit

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