AKKA Technologies (Paris:AKA) (BSE:AKA) (ISIN:FR0004180537), a European leader in engineering consulting and R&D services announces its support to San Marino Executive Aviation S.r.l. (SMEA), a private aviation company based in Republic of San Marino, via its Operations Control Center (OCC).

AKKA’s Operations Control Center was created in 2018 to provide support to all types of aviation operators.

The Group leverages its deep aeronautical expertise in supporting industrial players, to support SMEA in the launch of their operations, and maintenance of their fleet.

Thanks to AKKA’s ETOPS1-trained team, and the combined usage of various software such as Jetplanner, Skybook and eWAS, AKKA’s OCC supports SMEA with flight briefing package, flight permits, flight tracking, electronic flight folder, ground handling and fuel coordination services.

Pierre-Yves LAZIES, Vice President of Aviation at AKKA France, commented: “AKKA’s Operations Control Center was the first choice for SMEA after a stringent evaluation process thanks to our high-standard packaged services with best-in-class technologies combined with an agile approach. We are leveraging our strong expertise in supporting industrial players in aeronautics, to support smaller airlines in running their operations smoothly.”.

Ugur KALKAN, Managing Director SMEA, commented: “We were very impressed by the team and state of the art systems used by AKKA during our visit to AKKA OCC in Toulouse last year. AKKA provided services for our ferry flights in the past and we decided to move the whole operation control of our A330-300s to AKKA. The operation is seamless, and we can focus comfortably on our core business with the knowledge that OCC is in good hands.”.


AKKA is a European leader in engineering consulting and R&D services. Our comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions combined with our expertise in engineering, uniquely positions us to support our clients by leveraging the power of connected data to accelerate innovation and drive the future of smart industry. AKKA accompanies leading industry players across a wide range of sectors throughout the life cycle of their products with cutting edge digital technologies (AI, ADAS, IoT, Big Data, robotics, embedded computing, machine learning, etc.) to help them rethink their products and business processes. Founded in 1984, AKKA has a strong entrepreneurial culture and a wide global footprint. Our 21,000 employees around the world are all passionate about technology and share the AKKA values of respect, courage and ambition. The Group recorded revenues of €1.5 billion in 2020. AKKA Technologies (AKA) is listed on Euronext Paris and Brussels – segment B – ISIN code: FR0004180537.

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