Focused on Identifying Outcomes and Products to Improve ADHD Care, Session Spotlighted the Medical Necessity of Objective Testing for ADHD

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The ADHD Expert Consortium, a diverse group of professionals advocating for improved ADHD care, held its third annual meeting in Houston, Texas.

During this year’s in-person meeting, the group objective was to identify discrepancies between the guidelines outlined in medical necessity policies and their day-to-day work with patients. The current guidelines lead clinicians to either rely on patient interviews alone or have the patient complete a full battery of neuropsychological testing.

During the day-long session, members of the Consortium explored scenarios in which objective testing is not only appropriate to the situation but decreases time to diagnosis, increases patient satisfaction, and improves treatment decisions.

“Despite increased awareness, understanding, and technological advancements surrounding ADHD, the diagnostic process has remained unchanged for decades. Without adult guidelines in place, clinicians tend to rely exclusively on reported symptoms, compounding the mental health crisis we’re in today,” shared Dr. Benjamin Cheyette, MD, Ph.D., Mindful Health Solutions. “I advocate an approach that combines clinical interviewing with validated subjective symptom rating scales, collateral information scales, and computerized continuous performance tests to clarify a potential ADHD diagnosis. It is also critical to always consider ADHD’s intertwined roles in contributing to other mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, in order to foster a more comprehensive treatment approach.”

New member brings welcomed experience in the health policy and payor sector

To achieve the Consortium’s objectives of improving reimbursement for objective testing and making it the standard of care for ADHD, change is needed at both the policy and payor levels. To support these efforts and bring a wealth of expertise in the policy and payor space, the ADHD Expert Consortium added Dori Martini as its newest member. Dori brings more than 20 years of healthcare experience and now serves as Founder & Principal of HealthTech Dynamics, a modern consulting firm committed to supporting digital health companies in achieving regulatory and operational excellence.

Dori was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and now advocates for better awareness of its effects on patients and their families, the greater need for policy reform, and collaboration between pharmacists and prescribers. The Consortium benefitted from her experience in both areas as she spoke to the types of evidence that would be important to a payor and how clinicians and patients can raise awareness from their lived experience.

“We’re thrilled to have Dori join the effort and share her vast knowledge on the policy and payer process as we continue to push for change,” said McCall Letterle, Head of US Commercial Operations for Qbtech. “The ADHD Expert Consortium is a remarkable group of passionate experts dedicated to improving the care process for the millions of people living with the disorder in the US In the two years since its conception, the Consortium has made exceptional progress in advocating for the modernization of the standardization of care, garnering nearly 900 signatures on its statement, and I’m excited to continue to advance the mission moving forward and reach our goal of 1,500 signatures before the end of the year.”

The ADHD Expert Consortium is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, pediatricians, neuropsychologists, coaches and patient advocates, all passionate about improving the standard of care for this complex and often misunderstood condition. Consortium experts advocate for several improvements in the diagnostic and treatment process, including standardizing objective ADHD testing measures for more confident and accurate diagnoses, and improving insurance coverage for increased access to ADHD assessment and monitoring tools.

Click here to read the full consensus statement. The group encourages other providers, patients, and concerned citizens to add their signatures to the official Call to Action to enact better standards of care for ADHD patients.

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