Alameda secures up to $750M credit line from TrueFi's Single Borrower Pool



TrustToken, the core team responsible for building the leading unsecured lending protocol TrueFi, as well as popular stablecoins including TrueUSD, unveils its first permissioned single borrower portfolio on TrueFi. Designed specifically for leading digital asset principal trading firm Alameda Research, the portfolio is expected to grant its single borrower as much as $750 million of working capital in its first year alone, largely to power the firm’s arbitrage and trading strategies.

With its first single borrower portfolio, TrueFi continues to expand its institutional footprint across DeFi, while adding yet another diverse financial opportunity for TrueFi lenders.

The new pool type is being added fresh off the launch of TrueFi’s first B2B portfolio, allocating an expected $25 million to global business clients in partnership with, and the launch of TrueFi’s first protocol-to-protocol portfolio with Perpetual Protocol expected to allocate $100 million into DEX liquidity. Single borrower portfolios join TrueFi’s original stablecoin pools, which have already allocated over $1 billion of loans to dozens of borrowers, with a 100% history of repayment.

“On-chain institutional-grade lending is the most capital-effective liquidity source for crypto-native companies,” says Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken. “Our Single Borrower Portfolios streamline this offering to its most essential, effective form, with every pool serving a single borrower’s specific needs, supported by their excellent operational track record. We anticipate a lot of lender interest for this launch, and we look forward to expanding our Single Borrower Portfolios to originate billions worth of loans within the year.”

Adding a whopping 1,200 percent in total value locked throughout 2021, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has established itself as an exciting frontier for the most forward-thinking investors. While financial institutions continue to set their sights on digital assets, TrueFi is building the definitive protocol for global lending, acting as a bridge between asset managers, borrowers, and lenders, with a mandate to bring ever more global lending on-chain. With the benefits of speed, global reach, vast DeFi liquidity, reduction in costs, and increased transparency offered by blockchain, TrueFi expects to gradually win over a compelling share of the over $6 trillion dollar international unsecured lending market.

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