2020 may have been the age of gamers, but it was also the launch for E-sports as must-watch live sports. People are no longer tied down to video games but have advanced in their entertainment stature to competitive e-sports. Today you can even stream e-sports via different gambling sites like True Blue casino Australia or choose to visit the arena in person. However, the limitations set forth by the covid-19 policies on movement hinder many from visiting the zones where e-sports is taking place.

Steps to Start Watching Live Sports (e-sports)?

Since E-sports is an electronic sporting event, you can virtually view it from anywhere and anytime. The best characteristics of e-tournaments are that they include courageous characters, have thrilling moments, are competitive, and highly rewarding. Studies show that more than 50% of the entire world engages in streaming live sports, China and the Philippines in the lead with over 40% internet subscribers that stream e-sports. So, what should we do to enjoy watching e-sports properly?

  • Subscribe to any of the streaming apps
  • Stream via your TV
  • Visit the sporting arena in person

Subscribe to Any of the Streaming Apps

Surprisingly, there are several online streaming apps fans can use to stream live sports. Fans only need to subscribe or register for free or a price, depending on the app. However, most offer a free subscription, but you may have to purchase rights to stream the game through a fee. The fee provides access to an unlimited supply of e-sports. Some of the platforms you can use include:


According to Esport news, Twitch is the initial platform that catapulted video gaming as a sport into the limelight. The app still retains its spot as the most popular, with over 1.5 million subscribers and at least 100 million visits in a single month. The statistics reveal that Dota 2 is the most popular e-sport on the app, with over 174 million hours of view.


Youtube provides e-sports fans with a live gaming section. On YouTube, the streaming occurs through the sponsored accounts of the sports tournament organizers. For instance, ESL Counter-strike is a funded account offering e-sport fans and newbies a chance to search and find potential players, tournaments, or teams.

Other online platforms to which you can subscribe to view live sports include Smashcast, TV, Daily Motion, Team Liquid, and many more.

Stream Online Using Varying Channels

Fans can stay at home and stream using their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or desktops. All you need is a valuable and uninterruptible internet connection. Fans can view or engage in competitive e-sporting activities in the comfort of their homes. With a quality browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera Mini, all you have to do is search and subscribe to e-sport tournament online platforms. During the tournament, most e-sports stream live via a single platform.

Using a browser to find an online e-sport tournament is a difficult task. Fans come across many broadcasters for e-sports and interact with fellow viewers but may miss the game if not watching from the right platform. You must review the tournament at hand and find its official channel online. In most instances, the official sites provide previous statistics on the e-sport, allowing you to catch up with various aspects of the live sport.

Stream via Television

E-sports on television is the newest occurrence in the e-sports industry. Even after StarCraft got rights to air e-sports, the prospects of using television to broadcast were still remote, especially in the US. But then, ESPN 2, the Disney-based channel, partnered with the Evolution Championship Series, and the rest has become history. The television channel would air the series while Twitch online platform or app streamed the same e-sport live. The partnership was a huge success that led to the grand finals of the famous Street Fighter V airing on the Disney Channel.

Following in Disney’s footsteps, TBS managed to increase the popularity of watching live sports via television. It aired the round-robin e-sport competition for Eleague’s Street Fighter V, the world competition for Injustice 2, and the premier for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Visit the Sporting Arena in Person

Visiting the sporting arena does not mean acquiring a virtual reality set of equipment. In the past, people would visit varying tournament centers to view the video gamers playing. Due to covid-19, these instances or events are no longer taking place. However, in countries where e-sports are most popular, like China, you will find small communities running an e-sporting tournament. You can visit the communities and enjoy a live sporting event from the Chinatown Beatdown or the famous East Coast Throwdown.

In the United States, visit New York’s Barclays Center or the Madison Square Garden. These places are famous for hosting e-Sports tournaments. However, the event isn’t free, and there are no free games but only a simple ticket requirement like any other event. Fans do not complain, and most likely, the arenas are always full. You can’t cheer for your team if cooped up in a train with other travellers, but in a stadium, you have all the freedom and can shout at the top of your voice.

However, it is essential to note that arena-based e-sports are unavailable due to the spread of covid-19. However, it remains a quality way to view sports live.

Stream via a Live Betting Platform

Virtual betting and live betting offer one of the most successful ways to view e-sports live. Players receive some of the best rewards for signing up with one. Plus, you can place bets as the game progresses and compete with fellow punters. You can argue and interact online with other fans by providing support to your select player.


E-sports are comforting, entertaining, and highly competitive. It is either “A Player Survives It” or “Game Over” in a few minutes. It is essential to find the perfect place to view without disturbances while it remains close enough to your comfort zone with such a positively charged game. You can visit an arena once they are open for an actual live match, stream via the e-sports online channels, subscribe to either YouTube or twitch and finally, watch via your television. All these viewing sports live an experience worth every penny spent subscribing to the channels.


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