Partnership to deliver PropCo data, analytics and funding figures for the first time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alpaca VC, the multi-stage venture capital firm led by former founders investing at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, and the Center for Real Estate Technology & Innovation (CRETI), the PropTech think tank and research center, announce their partnership to provide PropCo data, analytics and funding figures at a crucial time.

“The PropCo landscape is sitting on an inflection point. What was once a niche opportunity set is increasingly attractive to institutional real asset allocators, but they need data and analytics,” said Daniel Fetner, General Partner, Alpaca VC. “It only makes sense to partner with CRETI, a paramount source of truth for PropTech.”

Together, Alpaca VC and CRETI are well-equipped to offer both real asset allocators and startups visibility into PropCo data, analytics and funding by leveraging their combined thought leadership, networks and research. Additionally, the partnership continues Alpaca VC’s commitment to PropCo education and CRETI’s support for the financial health of the global real estate tech ecosystem.

“As more startups seek PropCo capital alongside traditional equity financing and more real asset allocators seek entry into deals, the industry is maturing, yet becoming more complex. There’s a knowledge gap on both sides,” said Ash Zandieh, Managing Director, CRETI. “A few years ago, the FinTech industry fostered seismic shifts in the financial sector by forging new pathways among legacy financial institutions and startups. Similar momentum is at play today at the intersection of real estate and technology. With Alpaca VC, we will segment, standardize and report PropCo data and analytics for the first time.”

With data collection underway using CRETI methodology, the first PropCo Data Initiative data set is slated for a spring release. CRETI methodology indexes and analyzes investments using diverse sourcing across media, investors, as well as public paid and/or open data sources including Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and CB Insights.

Data and analytics designed for founders and real asset allocators alike are needed to broaden the base of real estate accessible to startups, their software and technology as the industry grows and companies increasingly seek to bifurcate their capital structure into PropCo and OpCo, keeping operating companies asset-light and high margin while raising capital from real asset allocators for the PropCo portion. Increased access opens the door to greater traction, greater revenue and, we believe, greater returns.

“Through our partnership with CRETI, we want founders to have an easier time accessing PropCo capital during this exciting period of momentum,” said Ryan Freedman, General Partner, Alpaca VC.

If you’re a founder who has raised or plans to raise PropCo capital, contribute to the research by completing a 2-minute survey. Learn more about PropCo at Alpaca VC PropCo.


Alpaca VC is a venture capital firm led by former founders who invest at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. We’re an all-grit, no B.S. team that operates with a One Herd mentality. Founded in 2013, we invest in sectors across the U.S. and Canada, including PropTech, Web3, Commerce, Sustainability, FinTech, the Future of Work and Marketplaces.


The Center for Real Estate Technology & Innovation (CRETI) is a think tank and knowledge center for the real estate technology and innovation industry. CRETI is dedicated to its forward-thinking 30,000 subscribers and members. We provide research, insights, education, and events to support entrepreneurs, innovators, technology investors, and real estate organizations on the future of the real estate industry.


Megan Kivlehan, ICR
Strategic Communications