TAMPA BAY, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Founded in Tampa Bay, the firm expects to launch its San Francisco office in May, with other U.S. offices planned in 2022. CoreX Legal is led by Brent Britton and Greg Karch, veterans in the legal community. With a robust team alongside them, they bring many decades of combined legal experience serving the startup community to this exciting new firm. This combined experience helps the firm’s clients avoid costly legal mistakes, negotiate better deals, and protect their intellectual property. This is critical because a mistake in these areas—especially in the early stages—can doom a company.

The firm specializes in startups, particularly those in the technology, software, blockchain, and crypto industries. Britton, a seasoned attorney who worked extensively with startup companies in Silicon Valley before settling in the Tampa Bay Area, says very few law firms truly specialize in serving tech startups.

A lot of law firms offer services to startup companies. At CoreX, Greg and I are implementing a law firm model designed for pre-seed startups while ensuring the economics work out. At CoreX, we know that the next extraordinary company is a pre-seed startup right now, and we are willing to take the risk of working with them from the very beginning because we understand the intricacies and nuances of the startup world,” Britton explains. “We’ve been living here our whole careers.”

He says he and his team want to prevent entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes in their earliest stages.

There are a lot of great people with a lot of great ideas, and by helping them make sound legal decisions and protect their businesses at the earliest possible time, we can help these visionary entrepreneurs serve more people more effectively. That means more growth for the company, more jobs for employees and outside contractors, and better products and services for consumers. Everyone wins here,” Britton said.

Cofounder and attorney, Greg Karch, says, “We’ve worked with thousands of start ups throughout our legal careers, and in doing so, we’ve developed a depth of experience, especially in burgeoning areas such as Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. Between our experience, our connections, and our access to capital, we’re uniquely positioned to serve the global startup community.”

That experience is a powerful advantage for entrepreneurs, who are often facing larger, better funded competitors, so they need to get things right from the start. In many cases, there is little room for mistakes. And CoreX Legal brings more than legal advice to their clients. As entrepreneurs (and in some cases engineers and scientists) themselves, and having advised thousands of entrepreneurs, the CoreX Legal team is uniquely positioned to offer entrepreneurs business insights and perspectives to enhance their success, and to help them navigate the legal challenges that inevitably arise.

Britton says, “It’s not just about exchanging our time for money. It’s about working with the right clients and getting flexible about fees and how we bill them. The attorney-client relationship is not merely a financial one; it’s emotional and human. The practice of law in support of entrepreneurs isn’t just a transaction for us—we see it as a relationship, so in addition to providing top-notch legal services, we want to leverage the full impact of our experience, capital, and relationships to ensure the success of our amazing clients, who, let’s face it, are out to change the world for the better.”

Adds Karch, “We’re lucky to have the opportunity to help our clients shape the future.”


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