What’s behind the Bitcoin surge & how high will it reach as ATH approaches?
With the all-time high (ATH) on the horizon, market participants are keen to understand the key drivers of BTC’s surge. Moreover, traders are curious how far the world’s leading cryptocurrency can climb in the near future.

How ETF Demand & the Halving Event Are Fueling Bitcoin’s Surge

The recent surge in Bitcoin’s (BTC) price can be attributed to several factors that have created favorable market conditions for the coin.
A significant catalyst behind BTC’s rally is the unprecedented demand from spot Bitcoin ETFs, particularly those from financial giants BlackRock and Fidelity.
These institutions have poured billions into Bitcoin, effectively reducing the available supply and creating a “supply shock” within the market.
This ETF-driven demand, combined with anticipation surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin halving event in mid-April, has further strengthened the bullish sentiment from investors.
The halving, occurring roughly every four years, reduces the mining rewards for Bitcoin, thereby decreasing the rate of new BTC entering circulation.
Investors are increasingly eager to acquire BTC before this supply reduction, driving prices upward.
Additionally, growing institutional adoption, as evidenced by the actions of companies like MicroStrategy, has reinforced this bullish market momentum.

ATH Within Reach as Market Sentiment & Metrics Point to Further BTC Growth

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues its impressive rally, with the price currently hovering around $66,750, the question on everyone’s mind is just how high can the coin go.
Last night, BTC came extremely close to breaking its all-time high (ATH) of $68,789, falling short by a mere $4.
This near miss, combined with the overwhelmingly bullish sentiment in the market, suggests that Bitcoin is poised for further growth in the coming days and weeks.
The coin’s market cap passing $1.3 trillion demonstrates increasing demand and confidence in Bitcoin
Additionally, spot trading volumes have surged, reaching $75.8 billion in the past day.
The Crypto Fear & Greed Index, a widely-used sentiment indicator, currently stands at 90 – its highest level since March 2021.
This “Extreme Greed” reading signals strong investor optimism about Bitcoin’s prospects, potentially fueling further price increases.
As this wave of positive sentiment persists, it seems increasingly likely that Bitcoin will not only surpass its previous ATH but could soon establish a new record high.

Which Altcoins Could Benefit from BTC’s Surge?

With Bitcoin’s surge capturing the attention of the crypto world, smart investors are also looking towards promising altcoins that could benefit from this bullish momentum.
One such project gaining traction is Green Bitcoin (GBTC), a presale token that aims to shake up the crypto landscape with its eco-friendly approach.

Eco-Friendly Staking Platform Green Bitcoin Rides the Crypto Wave

Green Bitcoin introduces “Gamified Green Staking,” which not only allows users to earn passive income by staking GBTC but also adds an exciting element of prediction-based rewards.
By participating in BTC’s price prediction challenges, GBTC holders can boost their staking rewards and contribute to the platform’s growth.
The more accurate the predictions, the higher the rewards – creating a competitive environment for users.
This gamified approach not only incentivizes long-term holding of GBTC but also creates a sense of community among stakeholders.
A key appeal of Green Bitcoin’s ecosystem is its commitment to sustainability.
By using the Ethereum blockchain’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, Green Bitcoin transactions consume much less energy than BTC’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) system.
This aligns with the increasing demand for greener alternatives in the crypto market.
Although not yet launched, GBTC is in a limited-time presale phase. Early adopters can acquire GBTC for a discount during this presale. The development will allow investors to maximize their potential earnings once the token listing is official.
Over $1.7 million has been raised as the presale progresses – and hundreds of people are joining Green Bitcoin’s Telegram channel every week.
All in all, as Bitcoin continues rising, projects like Green Bitcoin look well-positioned to capitalize on the growing interest in the crypto market.


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