Astronaut: A Blockchain Platform To Place Your ICO Investments On Autopilot

Monday October 16th 2017 ‐ Independent blockchain research company Astronaut have launched their Initial Coin Offering, opening up an investment syndicate‐style service, aimed towards protecting investors from unreliable ICOs within the blockchain ecosystem.

Astronaut’s offering comes at a time where the ICO Token market is simultaneously a red hot topic for both potentially lucrative investment opportunities, and potentially fraudulen, unfulfilled promises, with naive investors remaining at the receiving end.


Beyond the whitepaper

The building block of all ICO campaigns is the whitepaper, however in some instances, the whitepaper is the only instance and hint toward a company that an investor will ever see.

These whitepapers are supposed to be documents that represent the fundamentals and development plans of their respective projects. But today, most whitepapers are as good as promotional documents designed to entice investors into the projects.

Looking beyond the whitepaper into the intrinsic and underlying philosophies of these projects, clearly understanding their goals and analyzing the reality of achieving advertised objectives is what Astronaut , using its research team, Picolo Research is offering investors in the crypto world.

Matthew Dibb, CEO of Astronaut commented:

“Our view is that organizations such as Picolo Research and Astronaut need to be established to critique the merits of upcoming ICOs to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is not tainted by those who are taking advantage of it for personal financial gain.”

A fast growing ecosystem

The entry of new products into the blockchain ecosystem is currently experiencing a significant surge. With over 60 new coin offerings every month, it is quite difficult for non‐professional analysts to make the most of the fast moving crypto market. The limited number of credible research firms in the industry makes it even more difficult for investors to differentiate between products that are genuine and those that are not.

Most of the time, traditional token sale processes are not very transparent. This often arises when companies adopt unconventional methods to enable them to meet their targets. Hence, it is common to find situations where tokens are almost sold out internally or reserved before the actual public exposure.

Then the inconsistency in methods of entry into different platforms can often be confusing and hinder intending participants from benefitting from token sales.

A simplified investment process

As a research company, Astronaut, via Picolo Research is out to do all the rigorous work by streamlining the entire investment process; from application to fulfilment.

Based on its global pedigree as one of the trusted providers of ICO due diligence, the Astronaut platform provides the opportunity for ASTRO token holders to enjoy exposure to a basket of researched token offerings.

The platform also simplifies the entry processes to ICOs, thereby minimizing risks and reducing the chance of missing out on promising opportunities by investors.

As the blockchain industry expands, more products will be created and the population and frequency of ICOs is expected to increase. As a matter of consequence, the level of difficulty for individual investors in analysing the market is bound to increase.

With dedicated researchers like Astronaut, investors can relax, show up on a platform where all the pointers are clear and gain exposure to a pool of clearly analysed opportunities.

The Astronaut ICO is open to investors now at: