SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AuctionNextIB (CEO: Young Hoon Jeon), a proptech company that has developed a blockchain-based online auction platform called Auction OK, has begun issuing digital donation certificates utilizing blockchain technology. Auction OK is expecting to further enhance the donors’ satisfaction by issuing personal donation certificates using the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) method.

The digital donation certificates provided by Auction OK will be issued through Klaytn, a public blockchain created by Ground X, an affiliate company of Kakao. The digital donation certificates can be stored in KLIP, Kakao’s digital asset wallet. KLIP will be provided as an additional feature in KakaoTalk, which is the most popular messenger app in Korea so that everyone can use it regardless of time and location.

With the recent issuance of NFTs on famous artworks and digital artworks, many people around the world are becoming increasingly aware of NFT. As a result, platforms that specialize in the trading of NFTs are also garnering a lot of attention. Auction OK will introduce a new service where users can obtain NFTs linked to real assets through a blockchain-based auction.

In the past, donors only had the option to certify their donation history via paper donation certificates, which can be easily lost or damaged. Moreover, paper certificates are often vulnerable to manipulation and forgery.

On the other hand, NFT-type digital donation certificates allow the user to record their donation history/details to blockchain and store (or manage) them through Kakao’s digital wallet service, KLIP, reducing the risks of data forgery/manipulation.

Moreover, it is expected that the introduction of digital donation certificates could stimulate the desire for collecting new NFT donation certificates.

In addition to Auction OK’s digital donation certificate, there are a lot of NFTs for various services equipped in KLIP, Kakao’s digital asset wallet, including a Commemorative Card that shows the user’s Hyundai Card issuance & payment history, Good Neighbors’ NFT donation certification card, Angel League’s NFT, etc.

Meanwhile, Auction OK signed an MOU with the Korea Blood Cancer Association (KBDCA) for the hosting of a charity auction using blockchain technology on April 6th. Through this, winners of the Auction OK charity auction will be able to obtain an NFT card containing his/her own name and the details of their donation.



James Kang