Investing in Spain: the ecosystem.


congreso-nacional-baYesterday, I spent all the day in the beautiful location of the Port of Valencia, at the EDEM Business School, assisting to the National Congress of Business Angels.

One of the speaker was Javier Megias, CEO at

He presented some wonderful data. Let me share them with you to better understand the situation of the Spanish ecosystem.

Number of Startups:


3 main hubs: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.


There is an exponential growth of Accelerators and Incubators.


Also, there is an exponential growth of investors and business angels.


Where the money goes to?


And these are the Top Sectors.


Venture capital is still the biggest player in the sector.


And here the biggest players in VC.


International investors are becoming more and more interested in investing their money in Spain.


Who are the international investors? Here they are.