CAMBRIDGE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genestack Ltd. today announced that its flagship multi-omics data catalog, curation and integrative search product, Omics Data Manager (ODM), has been licensed and implemented by the Dutch vegetable breeding firm Bejo.

Bejo anticipates that the Genestack modules, by providing a single source of truth for integrated multi-omics data, together with metadata management capabilities and user-focused interfaces, will enable more effective use of data to support their breeders and researchers in faster developing vegetable varieties that meet market requirements.

Bejo is specialized in developing improved vegetable varieties, focused on characteristics such as disease resistance, resilience of the plant during difficult climate conditions, or shelf life of the product. This process takes many years and, to be more efficient, requires the development of genetic tests. By using genomic information, the design of such tests can be performed faster and more targeted. With the reduction in price of genome sequencing, the volume of genomic data generation has exploded and Bejo needed specialized tools, such as Genestack’s ODM, to manage and search it.

“Genestack has accommodated our needs and adapted their AWS deployment system to work on our own private Azure subscription. Genestack also understood our industry requirements and agreed to customize their software stack to better suit our usage of the system. The deployment experience with Genestack has been very positive, professional and efficient with a highly approachable technical team. We’re looking forward to fully utilizing ODM capabilities to help us bring products to the market faster and more efficiently,” said Saulo Aflitos, Senior Researcher in Bioinformatics at Bejo.

“ODM is the result of several years of work with top industry partners who are pioneering digitalization initiatives to transform themselves into data driven organizations, and leverage the benefit of multi-omics in their search for better products. By using ODM, organizations at the forefront of agritech innovation such as Bejo can gain insights from data and move through crop development faster,” said Misha Kapushesky, CEO, Genestack Limited.

About Genestack

Since it was founded in 2012 Genestack’s mission has been to accelerate discoveries in biopharmaceutical, consumer goods, healthcare, and agriscience organizations, by tackling the explosive growth of omics data. The company’s flagship product, Omics Data Manager, launched in 2019, helps organizations create a FAIR catalog of multi-omics data (studies, samples, associated omics data of various types), with tools and APIs for metadata templates, curation and powerful integrative search across data & metadata. ODM provides mission-critical technology modules that enable life science enterprises to execute their data strategy. Genestack complements this product with a complete range of professional services including technology consulting, product implementation, managed service and co-development models. For more information about Genestack and Omics Data Manager visit

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About Bejo

Bejo is a leading company in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds. With operations in more than 30 countries, Bejo is an internationally oriented family business. Its 1,900 employees are dedicated to developing the best vegetable varieties for the present and the future. Bejo has expanded over the years in an organic, ongoing process, shaped by interaction between growers, dealers, supply chain partners and Bejo’s own employees. All of Bejo partners have the freedom, within their own local market, to get the most out of Bejo’s products.

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Oliver Bayliss, VP Sales

Genestack Limited