BGO Software and its local partners are committed to transforming Bulgaria into a European Technology Hub for Digital Healthcare

BASEL, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BGOSoftware–BGO Software, leading technology and IT services provider, announced that the company will place total attention on further expanding its expertise in the development of innovative digital health solutions. A few days ago, the company officially established their Swiss branch – BGO Software und Technologie, located at Site Novartis Campus, Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Over the last decade, BGO Software has been widely recognized for being a specialised services provider for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, as well as the Health Research Authority in the UK.

One of the most impactful solutions developed by BGO Software is HARP – a database, which records and tracks the progress of research applications submitted to the HRA (Department of Health, UK). The system transformed and completely digitized the way the government reviews and manages clinical trial applications, conducts post-approval monitoring and prepares comprehensive reports. The HARP platform was one of the factors making it possible for the NHS to approve the first COVID vaccine for mass use in the world, faster than any other country.

BGO Software presented a completely new website with an impressive portfolio of comprehensive solutions for each segment that they serve. Among them stand out Patient Engagement Solutions, Digital Therapeutics, Disease Awareness and Management Applications, Electronic Patient Records, CTMS, EDC solutions, Risk-based Monitoring Systems, Custom Product and Process Monitoring Solutions and many more.

BGO Software employs human-centred product design and behavioural science, to develop health solutions that change behaviours, reduce costs and improve outcomes for end-users. The company’s deep understanding of the clinical and regulatory landscape ensures that clients invest in digital health products that make a lasting impact and most importantly – that the market needs.

“To be able to do the maximum for our clients, we need one thing more than anything else – focus. Our experience as an outsourcing company, working with hundreds of private and government enterprises over the years, gave us the knowledge and experience, that we need to deliver premium services, industry know-how and indisputable quality of every project, every time. Placing our total attention on delivering digital health services, is a logical next step for BGO. This is our way to leave a mark in the industry, which we know best and where we can create the greatest value – for patients, doctors and industry professionals.”, says Ivan Lekushev, CEO of BGO Software.

In 2020 BGO Software joined the ecosystem of the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster in Bulgaria. The DHI cluster is an NGO, that supports companies and organisations that develop and implement digital solutions and innovations in healthcare and create an environment for them to grow and connect.

BGO Software started as an agency in 2008, that in 3 years grew to become an outsourcing company with 100+ employees, serving clients from around the globe across several verticals. From all the industries that we served, we identified the digital healthcare space, as the area, in which we could have the biggest impact.

Working with Department of Health in the UK, two of the top 3 largest pharma companies CROs and numerous HealthTech SMEs, gave us the opportunity to build expertise and deep industry knowledge. This gave us FOCUS. In April 2020, BGO Software became a Digital Health Services only company, with the sole purpose to contribute to the global transition from analogue, to fully digital health. Because technology can save and improve lives today!


Ivan Lekushev /CEO/