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The technological advancements that have ushered in the modern age have transformed how we communicate and how we transact. Not too long ago, cashless payments were a pipe dream. But now, they are a reality. The elimination of transactions and purchases that involve cash is helping banks, financial institutions, and authorities to crack the whip on money laundering, the narcotics trade, and an extensive range of underground criminal activities. 

Of course, cashless payments were already taking place before 2009 thanks to payment methods like e-wallets, mobile money, and credit & debit cards. But the invention of Bitcoin and its subsequent release to the public on January 3rd, 2009, revolutionized finance and trade as we know them with the introduction of cashless, fast, decentralized, and free transactions. 

Bitcoin Cash Brief History

Bitcoin Cash came to life 8 years after Bitcoin’s launch. For those who don’t know, Bitcoin –the first digital currency– was hard forked on August 1st, 2017. The forking resulted in an increase in the cryptos block size from 1MB to 8MB and the creation of BCH. 

Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that users can access online. Individuals can use it for trading transactions, hedging against inflation or play in bitcoin cash casinos. The coin’s surge in popularity across the globe results from its ease of use and advanced security protocols. Moreover, Bitcoin Cash users claim that the digital coin offers a reliable, flexible, and improved approach to transacting with funds online. 

Getting started with Bitcoin Cash gambling

Did you know that you might be a Bitcoin Cash owner but don’t know about it due to circumstances? The great news is that finding out if you own the crypto is easy. Individuals who had Bitcoin in their crypto wallets on August 1st, 2017, received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash on their wallets.

Relax, you can still buy BCH from any leading crypto exchanges if you discover that the coin was not added to your wallet after Bitcoin’s August 2017 hard fork. You also don’t have to worry about finding the best exchanges that offer the digital coin. Visit the official Bitcoin Cash website to discover close to over 50 exchanges that let you trade other cryptos or fiat currency for BCH. Below are the three most popular exchanges that allow individuals to acquire Bitcoin Cash;

It is important to note that BCH/USD, BCH/BTC, and BCH/USDT are the most traded pairs in different exchanges. Individuals interested in crypto gambling with BCH should, therefore, open their BCH account, which they’ll use to send their BCH coins to their preferred crypto casino address.

Crypto casinos with Bitcoin Cash games

BCH is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Unlike fiat currency, the coin is not regulated or controlled by a specific government entity. It is, therefore, easier for the crypto to be used in gambling transactions across the globe, especially in regions where the online gambling scene faces restrictions when it comes to processing casino or sportsbook deposits and withdrawals. This is the reason why more gambling establishments are accepting crypto. 

If you are new to the world of Bitcoin Cash crypto gambling, it would be best to check out (the best crypto casino comparison site online) and sign up on leading establishments to enjoy hustle-free BCH gaming. If you also want to play online casinos without registering for an account Zimpler offers this kind of service. 

Besides having a great reputation, these sites also have a large community of users who can help you venture into the ever-growing world of crypto gambling. 

Advantages of using BCH in gambling 

  1. Adaptable: The 2017 released coin continues to find new ways of helping individuals perform e-commerce transactions. Online gambling operators are adopting it at a high rate, while other industries are also finding meaningful ways of using the crypto to offer new solutions. 
  2. Fast transactions: Speedy transaction times are among the reasons why Bitcoin Cash is a darling in the online crypto gambling scene. It’s worth noting that the coin supports fast transactions thanks to improvements made to the blockchain network.
  3. Free Transactions: One of the main objectives behind the development of cryptos was giving power back to the people. The goal was achieved by eliminating the middlemen in financial transactions. This is the reason why Bitcoin Cash allows users to enjoy free transactions. 
  4. Enhanced security: BCH runs on blockchain technology, enabling it to enjoy the security offered by the blockchain platform. The digital coin boasts improved encryption and requires no personal details from users. Its decentralized nature prevents the malicious doctoring of transactions across the blockchain network.

Disadvantages of using BCH in gambling 

  1. Irreversible transactions: Making errors during BCH transactions can be costly since the crypto’s transactions are irreversible. This means that you might not be able to get your funds back when you send them to the wrong crypto address. The omission or addition of a letter, number, or symbol could see users lose their funds forever.
  2. Vulnerability to cyber attacks: BCH is a digital currency. Therefore, it may be targeted by hackers, which could lead to the loss of an individual’s cryptos. Cybercriminals are increasingly targetting websites that allow players to store their BCH coins remotely. Similarly, crypto exchanges are also prone to malicious cyber attacks, and this could result in the permanent loss of your crypto investment.

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