In partnership with the Home Network Foundation, Blimp prompts transparent and user-friendly home searching process, rewarding interactions between real estate consumers and professionals

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blimpBlimp Homes Inc., an online application that connects homebuyers and sellers with real estate professionals, announces a partnership with the Home Network Foundation to launch the first decentralized real estate collaboration and search platform atop the Foundation’s HOME Protocol, powered by the HOME Token.

Now a part of the HOME Protocol ecosystem, Blimp not only provides real estate professionals and customers seamless searching, communication, and transaction features but rewards each process with incentives. Homebuyers and sellers can earn HOME Tokens when they use a Blimp provider, ranging from auxiliary to post-closing functions. Professionals earn tokens by bringing customers onto the platform, which they use to promote their services and prompt lead generation.

“Blimp is creating a marketplace where the value of leads and referrals is shared equitably,” said Matt Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Blimp. “The HOME Token allows consumers to reap rewards for providing data and professionals to accrue benefits, so all parties are stakeholders.”

Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to fundamentally restructure real estate inefficiencies regarding intermediary involvement and a lack of data transparency surrounding leads and transactions. The HOME Token builds on decentralized blockchain technology and acts as an award to align value flows more broadly and fairly in the transactional ecosystem.

“With Blimp, we can prompt a fairer real estate era that will replace centralized legacy systems through transparent transactions and economic incentives that benefit all parties,” says a spokesperson at the Home Network Foundation.

A whitepaper on additional Home Network Foundation use cases can be found here.

About Blimp Homes

Blimp Homes is a collaborative platform that enables homebuyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to seamlessly connect and communicate on all aspects of real estate transactions. To learn more, visit

About the Home Network Foundation

The Home Network Foundation is working with several ecosystem partners to move the real estate industry forward to allow broader distribution of value as well as decentralization of data ownership. The Home Network Foundation supports the acceleration of the decentralization of the real estate industry. Visit to learn more.


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