Brave new coin launches Maker Vault Index and Blockchain Interoperability Index on Digital Asset Exchange BTSE

BNC’s latest institutional-grade products are now available on BTSE, with additional exchanges to follow

Digital asset data infrastructure company Brave New Coin ( today announced two new indices on the multi-currency spot and futures trading platform BTSE: the Maker Vault Index and the Blockchain Interoperability Index. Both institutional-grade products are available on BTSE starting December 23, 2020 and will be made available on additional BNC partner exchanges in the near future.

Maker Protocol is one of the largest decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain, and is governed by MakerDAO, an open-source project and decentralized autonomous organization created in 2014. Brave New Coin’s Maker Vault Index is a rules-based sector index designed to measure the growth of crypto assets used as collateral and locked in the Maker Vaults. It tracks the real-time market performance of the top eight largest assets in the Maker Vaults. Methodology for this index can be found here.

Blockchain interoperability is emerging as an important sector, as it aims to allow different blockchains to easily communicate with one another without intermediaries. Brave New Coin’s Blockchain Interoperability Index is designed to measure the growth of interoperability projects in the cryptographic asset marketplace. This index tracks the market performance of the 10 largest blockchain interoperability digital assets in real time, including Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA). The constituent asset weightings are rebalanced every three months. Methodology for this index can be found here.

Earlier this year, BTSE extended its partnership with Brave New Coin to provide institutional indices that track real-time market performance of digital assets. The partners launched a DeFi index as well as additional perpetual swap derivatives products.

“2020 has been a landmark  year for the institutionalization of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Our suite of tradable BTSE-BNC indices provide a cost-effective and convenient way for traders and institutional money managers to express their views in crypto sectors,” said Brian Wong, Co-founder of BTSE Exchange. “The combination of BTSE’s institutional trading engine and BNC’s indexing methodology creates a powerful index product suite to power the growth of digital assets.”

BTSE offers futures and spot trading as well as multi-fiat on-ramps and off-ramps, combining proven technologies from the institutional investing industry with cutting-edge blockchain-based features to facilitate a secure, efficient trading experience for traders of all levels.

Brave New Coin is a leading provider of market data services and institutional grade indices that are designed to track the most liquid areas of the cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2014, BNC has built a reputation for independence, objectivity, robust processes and technical innovation.  BNC provides data and index solutions for several partners including Refinitiv, Amazon Alexa, Dow Jones Factiva, NASDAQ, and many more. When you ask Amazon’s Alexa for the price of any cryptocurrency, her answer comes from Brave New Coin’s data engine. Regular announcements regarding BNC Indices can be found here.

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