Healthtech Leader’s Transparent AI-Driven Approach Reduces Alarms by 83 Percent

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CalmWave, the company leveraging AI to gauge hospitals’ Operations Health to improve nurse retention and patient outcomes by reducing alarm fatigue in intensive care units, today announced its “Transparent AI” platform to support mission-critical decision making in the ICU. CalmWave’s transparent AI ingests a year’s worth of hospital data and provides clinicians with a holistic view of the information to make the most informed decisions regarding alarm management and patient care. CalmWave’s transparent AI approach reduces non-actionable alarms by as much as 83 percent1 when compared to the same number of manual alarm limit adjustments.

Non-actionable alarms account for eighty to ninety-nine percent of alarms in ICUs. With long work shifts, short staffing, and post COVID-19’s pressure on an already stressed healthcare system, nurses are experiencing alarm fatigue and overall workplace exhaustion. Alarming also contributes to the lack of sleep and excessive noise in ICUs, hindering patient recovery and increasing risks such as ICU delirium.

“AI has the potential to improve our healthcare system significantly; however, transparency is critical. With trustworthy AI, the decision-making process is open to oversight, review, and analysis,” said Ophir Ronen, Founder and CEO, CalmWave. “Transparent AI helps build trust, avoid feature drift and biases, and ensure compliance with regulations and auditing of results. It provides explainability that empowers clinicians with the option to examine each recommendation prior to implementation. Observing the rationale behind each AI-generated step enhances the healthcare system’s safety, accuracy, and accountability.”

“It is critically important that clinicians participate in the development process and understand the recommendations provided by their tools. CalmWave’s technology delivers powerful and trustworthy analysis and recommendations built with the clinicians’ needs in mind. Critically, the recommendations are clearly explainable and auditable, both vitally important in healthcare,” said R. Spencer Schaefer, PharmD, a Federal Health AI Solutions Architect and Advisory Board Member, CalmWave.

CalmWave’s platform uses transparent AI to help healthcare organizations optimize operations and make data-informed decisions. Utilizing a healthcare organization’s medical interventions and physiologic monitor signals, CalmWave uses this data as an objective, consistent source to reduce alarm fatigue, improve the clinical work environment, and transform patient care.

About CalmWave

CalmWave’s mission is to improve the lives of patients and providers objectively, starting with eliminating non-actionable alarms which leads to more stable and quieter ICUs. Alarm fatigue, which is endemic in the modern healthcare system, causes great stress for providers, their patients, and their families, ultimately impacting patient outcomes and staff retention. The CalmWave platform remediates alarm fatigue, improves staff retention, and transforms Operations Health through data science and AI. CalmWave is the fastest company to go from inception to funding at the AI2 Incubator, a startup incubator at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2). Headquartered in Seattle, CalmWave has raised a pre-seed round led by Bonfire Ventures with participation from Tau Ventures, AI2 Incubator, Seachange Ventures, Hike Ventures, and the co-founders of PagerDuty. Visit for more information. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


83% reduction based on retrospective alarm analysis of hospital data.