Some restaurants, such as Quiznos, accept it. In fact, some of them have begun accepting it for their meals.

Safari Comedor

If you’re looking for a nice place to spend your weekend, consider paying with cryptocurrency. Some restaurants will even accept Bitcoin payments. Safari Comedor, a restaurant in Tulum, is one option. 

Its interior takes design cues from traditional Yucatan homes, and its menu honors the region’s rich culinary heritage. The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican food, as well as Yucatan Peninsula dishes.

While you’re in town, you may be wondering where you can use cryptocurrency to pay for your brunch. There are now many cafes and restaurants that accept crypto payment. Several of these locations will accept Uniswap, Ethereum, Tezos, Monero, and XRP.

Burger King

If you’re a member of Burger King’s loyalty program, you can now pay for your brunch using cryptocurrency. 

The company is teaming up with investment app Robinhood to make this possible. To participate, all you have to do is make a purchase of $5 or more at a participating Burger King. 

Once you have done that, you’ll receive an email containing a prize code. You can then redeem the code through Robinhood’s crypto trading app. The promotion runs through November 21.

The Bitcoin-friendly program is limited to participating US restaurants, and is only available to perks members. In addition, you can only redeem one Burger King cryptocurrency offer per day. The official rules of the program are listed on the Burger King website.

Quiznos Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

A Denver restaurant chain has partnered with Bitcoin payment service provider Bakkt to accept Bitcoin as payment for brunch. The partnership will allow customers to pay with digital assets when ordering food at Quiznos restaurants

Beginning in mid-August, customers can use the Bakkt App to make purchases at participating locations. The app also includes an integrated loyalty program and gift certificates.

The partnership will allow restaurants to accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for payment. It is important to note that Bitcoin payment approval can take up to an hour. In addition, merchants should be aware that their software may need to convert Bitcoin payments into U.S. dollars for accounting and tax purposes.

H-Town Donuts Accepts NFTs

H-Town Donuts is a family-owned donut shop located in Huston, Texas. They offer a variety of pastries, and you can also order apparel featuring their logo. They also accept cryptocurrencies, including Ravencoin. 

You can use Ravencoin to pay for your order, either online or by pick-up. They will also accept NFTs based on the Ravencoin blockchain.

H-Town Donuts accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and a number of other altcoins. The restaurant has QR codes on their menus, so guests simply use them to pay with cryptocurrency. 

The transaction takes just a few seconds, and the amount paid is different every time. The restaurant prices their meals in Hong Kong dollars, but then converts them to the crypto of the client’s choice.

Sarnies Accepts NFTs as Payment

Sarnies is an Australian-owned cafe that brings the relaxed, sunny chic of Melbourne to busy Singapore. With a strong following in Singapore, the cafe has decided to embrace the burgeoning crypto scene by accepting digital payments in-store, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, and Litecoin. 

The restaurant’s marble tiles and British colonial-era shophouse decor make it an attractive setting for crypto-friendly dining.

Besides accepting NFTs as a payment method for brunch, Sarnies also accepts NFTs in order to facilitate the use of the cryptocurrency by its customers. The restaurant offers a wallet in which NFT holders can store and use their crypto assets. 

The wallet is also secured by a firewall, ensuring that users’ privacy is protected. Moreover, the restaurant accepts dogs at its premises and offers discounts for dog owners.

3 Best Cities for Crypto Brunch

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you’ve likely heard about the cities where you can enjoy crypto brunch. 

For example, San Diego is one of the crypto-friendly cities in the United States, boasting 10 restaurants and shops, two attractions, and two crypto-friendly transportation services. 

Austin, the state capital of Texas, is also a great place to enjoy crypto-friendly brunches.

The Bay Area is also a hotbed of crypto activities. Here, you can find notable people and projects, learn about blockchain technology, and explore the city’s financial infrastructure. 

You can also find blockchain education courses and find out which retailers accept crypto and other cryptocurrencies.

These cities have a high concentration of tech companies and have a large crypto-friendly population. The first two are the epicenters of cryptocurrency, while New York and the SF Bay Area are the third most popular. These cities have vibrant tech communities, and their populations are eager to dive into the crypto world.

And there’s more:

Brunch in Houston Just Got Easier With Crypto

Houston Brunch just got easier, thanks to a new restaurant accepting crypto payments. At La Sirene, customers can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and a number of other cryptos. The restaurant currently accepts more than a dozen different cryptos, including Uniswap token, Cardano, Ethereum, NEO, Tezos, Monero, and more. In recent years, a number of brunch spots have opened in Houston, catering to both the diner and party crowd. Trez Bistro & Wine Bar, for instance, experimented with various Black musical genres, but settled on a more laid back atmosphere where customers can enjoy a meal and drink wine. This brunch venue has become the place to meet friends, eat great food, and even pre-game. It has also become a popular destination for visitors from out of town. Several restaurants across the U.S. and France have started accepting cryptocurrencies for payments. Many of these restaurants use Bitpay gateways to accept these payments. Some even accept food delivery services. 

Some restaurants even offer a discount to customers who pay in crypto. If you are planning a brunch in Houston, it can be beneficial to consider using crypto.

Pay in Crypto for Brunch in Los Angeles

If you’re in the area and want to try a new brunch spot, you might consider paying in crypto. But it may not be the best idea for your wallet. Crypto is volatile, and if you want to avoid losses, you should be cautious when investing in it. For example, bitcoin’s price dropped 60% in less than a year, and it is currently experiencing double-digit intraday swings. That may be another reason why some restaurants don’t accept cryptocurrency.

Some Los Angeles restaurants are trying to diversify their payment methods. For instance, Chipotle recently began accepting crypto payments through Flexa, a cryptocurrency wallet. 

But the current economic climate is not conducive to widespread adoption. Some countries have imposed strict regulations and scrutiny, and others are worried about cryptocurrency market contagion. This new business model is a welcome step for the tech-savvy consumer. The rising volatility has had a negative impact on traditional businesses, but crypto is an alternative to cash. Many businesses have suffered from the volatility, and “vulture investors” are circling damaged businesses and investments. Goldman Sachs and FTX are among the firms trying to snap up these companies and assets at fractions of their original value. Because of this, businesses have been cautious with their bottom lines. Many restaurants and food delivery services have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. In France, more than 15,000 restaurants have accepted it. Some restaurants also use payment gateways to accept the currency.

Pay in Crypto for Brunch in San Francisco

If you’d like to pay for brunch in San Francisco with cryptocurrency, there are a few options. The city is home to several cryptocurrency exchange companies, and many businesses accept the digital currency. However, it’s important to note that not all merchants accept crypto payments. To make sure that you can pay in crypto, you should first make sure that the restaurant or bar you’re planning to visit accepts digital currencies.

One restaurant in San Francisco that accepts crypto payments is SHO Club. The restaurant will serve Japanese cuisine with a Japanese irori grill. 

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