CashRepublicTM to redefine banking for the masses with premier launch in Orlando, Fla.


CashRepublicTM Holdings, Inc. (CashRepublicTM), a community-focused financial technologies company, announces the opening of its inaugural financial center in Orlando, Fla. CashRepublicTM brings a modern, technology-forward and friendly experience to its customers while offering a broad array of services they can conveniently access locally. Customers can cash their checks at highly competitive rates, send money to friends and, family, pay their bills and get free money orders. CashRepublicTM is focused on individuals and small businesses who are either disenfranchised by the bank system or inadequately served by traditional institutions. With no minimum balance requirements and no monthly account fees, customers only pay for services they use. CashRepublicTM provides up-front fee estimates and transparency to eliminate surprises for its customers and protect them from predatory hidden fees.

CashRepublicTM was founded by Lexington Park Group and led by experienced banking and financial technology professionals, Chairman Rajib Das and Chief Executive Officer Alok Prasad.

“With CashRepublicTM we are creating a first of its kind company that brings together institutional capital, real estate expertise, banking experience and leading-edge technology to empower financial freedom among individuals and small businesses by providing them ease of access to competitively priced products and services compared to traditional banks and money services businesses,” said Das.  “Florida has become the leader in technology and financial services.  We are excited to build a trail blazing fintech here in Orlando and attract global talent to our state.”

CashRepublicTM plans to expand its footprint across Florida in the coming months. With debit cards and insurance products coming later this year, CashRepublicTM is set to become the primary financial service provider to its customers and offer its services across the United States in the next 12 to 18 months.

“Our goal is to bring the latest digital capabilities and financial products to our customers as we believe they deserve the same financial access that traditional institutions offer their more affluent customers,” said Prasad. CashRepublicTM plans to launch its mobile application later this year.

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