Co-founder and CTO Medha Parlikar to deliver keynote; Senior Business Development Manager Niamh O’Connell to address “The Future of Digital Assets”

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CasperLabs, a leading blockchain software company for the enterprise market, today announced Co-Founder and CTO Medha Parlikar and Senior Business Development Manager Niamh O’Connell will deliver keynote speeches at the Blockchain Expo North America conference taking place October 5-6, 2022 in Santa Clara, California. Parlikar will speak on “The Blockchain Scalability Challenge” on October 5, while O’Connell will take part in a keynote panel “The Future of Digital Assets” on October 6. Blockchain Expo North America is a technology conference and exhibition, with thought-leading discussions and top-level content, covering all recent developments in the Blockchain ecosystem.


WHAT: Keynote Address: “The Blockchain Scalability Challenge”

WHO: Medha Parlikar, CasperLabs

WHEN: October 5, 2022 1:30 p.m. PDT

WHERE: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif.

“While initially tailored for the financial industry, blockchain has unlimited potential to be implemented across enterprises and industries of all types,” said Medha Parlikar, co-founder & CTO, CasperLabs. “A key obstacle to blockchain adoption surrounds scalability and I look forward to discussing those challenges as well as the solutions that will accelerate widespread blockchain use into the future.”


WHAT: Keynote Panel: “The Future of Digital Assets”

WHO: Niamh O’Connell, CasperLabs; Zack Chang, WonderPals; Alex Dominguez, Unicoin; Flora Nanda, Pfizer; Sachin Rege, Wells Fargo; Moderator: Alex Nascimento, 7CC Blockchain

WHEN: October 6, 2022 11:15 a.m. PDT

WHERE: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif.

“From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, the popularity of digital assets has exploded and shows no signs of slowing down,” said Niamh O’Connell, Senior Business Development Manager, CasperLabs. “At Blockchain Expo, we’ll take a deep dive into how these digital assets are already impacting multiple industries and changing the world we live in.”

About Medha Parlikar

Medha Parlikar is co-founder and chief technology officer of CasperLabs. Medha has more than 30 years of tech experience and is considered one of the top women in blockchain. As CasperLabs CTO, Medha is on a mission to make blockchain the platform for doing business in the future. “It’s not a scary technology,” says Medha. “We are de-risking the blockchain for the enterprise. The time is now for businesses to adopt and not be left behind.” Medha began working with blockchain in 2017 as a program manager with Pyrofex, where she managed the development of an open-source blockchain platform. When she realized the blockchain technology platform she needed didn’t actually exist, she decided to build it herself and CasperLabs was born. Beyond blockchain, Medha’s specialties includes Ethereum, SaaS, Product Engineering, and Cloud technologies. Medha started working with technology in the early 1980’s, building computers in the basement. For the past two decades, she has been delivering production SaaS software for large companies including Adobe, Omniture and Avalara. Medha excels in building and guiding high-functioning technical teams, inspiring them to deliver solutions that solve customer problems. She is a prolific speaker, having spoken at several global conferences including Davos, LA Blockchain Summit, and NFT.NYC, among others. Medha is a mentor and has worked with organizations including Strongurl to elevate and encourage women in blockchain/tech. In her personal life, Medha is a wife and mother to three children, and holds a black belt in karate. Medha graduated summa cum laude from Coleman College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Programming.

About Niamh O’Connell

Niamh (Neeve) O’Connell is senior business development manager at CasperLabs. Niamh is a blockchain expert and has been at the forefront of the blockchain evolution since 2016. She is a co-founder of BlockW, a female-led initiative providing a platform for communication, education, and the discussion of ideas relating to careers in blockchain. Earlier in her career (2016), Niamh served at Deloitte and was a founding team member that set up and scaled the company’s blockchain lab for Europe, Middle East and South Africa. She was also part of a small team that set up ConsenSys Ireland in 2018 and eventually joined ConsenSys U.S in 2020, working with Treum to build out a SaaS blockchain supply chain platform and co-lead the company’s customer adoption division. Additionally in 2018, Niamh worked on the first few production-grade blockchain applications for consumer-packaged goods and in the food & agriculture industry. Niamh was named 2018 “Blockchain Leader of the Year” at the Dublin Tech Summit and has co-authored numerous blockchain studies. Niamh holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from Trinity College Dublin and a Master of Science in Management Consultancy from University College Dublin.

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About CasperLabs

CasperLabs, a leading blockchain software company for the enterprise market, is re-imagining blockchain for enterprise with a future proof solution. The company also provides development, support and advisory services for organizations building on the Casper network. Guided by open-source principles, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications. Its team possesses deep enterprise technology experience with a cumulative 100 years of enterprise experience, hailing from organizations including Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox and Microsoft. To learn more, visit


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