CEO of Crown Agents Bank comments on the role and importance of banking for the economy of Afghanistan and Haiti

Afghanistan’s economy is “shaped by fragility and aid dependence”. That is the troubling overview set out by the World Bank several months before the Taliban takeover. Haiti’s devastating earthquake crisis has meant that relief efforts and moving money where it is needed most is more important than ever.

Economic prospects look even more precarious now for both countries, as future financial assistance is under a cloud of uncertainty.

Bhairav Trivedi, CEO Crown Agents Bank comments, “Global events over the last two weeks in Afghanistan and Haiti have been life-changing for many people. While very different situations, both countries are in crisis and the need for humanitarian aid is at a breaking point.

Crown Agents Bank is committed to delivering funds to those affected, moving money where it is needed most. It is more important than ever that aid providers, UN agencies and International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs), can deliver crucial relief swiftly to countries in crisis.

These events bring to the fore why the world needs to get better at transacting across borders. To truly deliver aid in an efficient manner, financial institutions need to join us in working with local on-the-ground experts to open up the channels we can use to deliver fast payments when they matter the most.”

Crown Agents Bank specialises in last-mile delivery to hard-to-reach areas. It can do this because of the technologies and relationships it has in place and due to its true in-depth understanding of every country within its extensive global network.

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