Chains launches the public sale of its $CHA token, the core of its MetaFi crypto and NFT platform

Following its $2-million private sale, offers its $CHA token to the public, providing token holders with staking-based fee reductions, rewards, early access Launchpad privileges, and more, a cryptocurrency and NFT exchange platform focused on building radically user-friendly products for earning, trading, spending and accumulating cryptocurrency, on July 27th will launch the public sale of $CHA – its native token, which is at the core of many of the services offered on The platform has already raised more than $2 million and is conducting its token sale in compliance with Rule 506c of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). currently boasts 500,000 registered users in over 100 countries and saw over 60 thousand users apply to its CHA token whitelist during the presale phase. Over 800 businesses have applied for participation in the company’s Sunrise Program, geared towards Marketplace early adopters.
Founded and backed by cryptocurrency industry pioneers, the company is part of NVIDIA Inception, Amazon’s AWS Activate, and Microsoft Founders startup programs.
Chains’s multi-product platform offers a stack of solutions designed to help earn, trade, invest and spend cryptocurrency without having to understand the underlying technologies. Chains’s proprietary token is deployed to multiple blockchains: TRONBSCEthereum and Polygon.
$CHA provides holders with various benefits within the Chains ecosystem, which include:
  • Flat reduction of transaction fees during payment: fees paid in $CHA will provide users with a 33% discount on the full fee price.
  • Compounding fee reduction based on the amount of $CHA staked: users that hold $CHA balances on will be eligible for fee discounts across all Chains products.
  • Subsidies when utilizing $CHA as a payment method: all payments executed in $CHA on the marketplace will be partially subsidized by the revenue pool. The subsidy will be done in the form of a rebate at the end of the month.
  • Business Prism Analytics account access: Prism is a powerful analytics product launching in Q4 2022. Chains’s users will be able to track: cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, equities, and commodities based on the preferred underlying asset.
  • Launchpad whitelist access: Chains Launchpad is a built-from-scratch token sale platform that supports native and external payment gateways, vesting mechanisms, and multiple blockchains. Staking $CHA will be used as a mandatory presale/sale access mechanism.
Following a combination of adverse macro conditions that triggered a series of high-profile bankruptcies and the recent market crash, cryptocurrency users and investors are looking for tokens and projects with stronger and more transparent fundamentals. For that purpose, Chains is built as a safe platform for users to experience true identity-based finance, or in short, MeFi.
“People don’t often classify themselves as CeFi or DeFi users – they just use the various products offering either services without clearly differentiating between the two,” says Anderson McCutcheon, CEO and Founder of Chains. ”We are building a platform that bridges this divide for the next generation of users. We intend to connect Web3 and centralized finance, forever changing the way cryptocurrencies are commonly used.”

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