ChatGPT says new AI Crypto is going to provide 50x more gains than Bitcoin in 2023

 Looking for a legitimate coin to invest in 2023 to get a 50x gain? Learn more about this new coin making waves in the crypto market.


Over the last few months, Artificial Intelligence has quite the buzz across various industries. With its help, it has been much easier for humans to complete and sort out typically time-consuming tasks. Numerous people have employed it severally to carry out all forms of tasks, and as expected, crypto market experts are included. Recently, market experts consulted ChatGPT on predictions of which coin will likely give investors at least 50× their gain before the end of 2023. The prediction revealed that AiDoge ticks all the boxes.
To give insight into this coin, this article will introduce AiDoge and discuss the unique features that make it stand out from other coins. In addition, the article would contain details of how this coin is on its way to giving investors a return on investment that is more than 50x what they’d get on Bitcoin.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, is a fast-spreading innovation in virtually every industry. The term describes a branch of computer science concerned with building intelligent machines/systems capable of performing tasks that often require human intelligence. This includes image recognition, language interpretation, research, etc. AI adopts techniques similar to machine learning, allowing for pattern recognition and predictions.

AI integrated with Crypto

As an innovation adopted in virtually every industry, the financial sector, particularly the crypto market, has also integrated AI. These features have been incorporated into the market to help investors in several ways, including price predictions, personalized investment advice, market analysis, and automated trading.
Although ChatGPT doesn’t give trading advice, it does make predictions by analyzing features presented to it. Hence, from the elements of different coins presented to it by market experts, the bot has successfully predicted AiDoge as the most legitimate and promising coin to give investors at least 50x gain on their investment before the end of 2023.

What is AiDoge?

AiDoge is a new coin set to take digital assets a notch higher with its unique features. The coin, which combines the two currently trending niches in the market (meme and Artificial Intelligence), has successfully stood out among other rising coins that have surfaced recently because of its unique features.
Even though similar coins such as Arb Doge and Pepe coin are also available on the market and offer mouth-watering features, the AiDoge project has raised the bar. The project provides a platform that enables users to create AI-generated memes using user-provided prompts and, as such, provides real-world utility. This means for the first time in history, users can use artificial intelligence to create relevant memes.

Features of AiDoge and How Investors can gain 50x more

As a pacesetter, the coin offers unique features. Some of these are;
●    Public Wall: AiDoge provides an engaging atmosphere for viewing and sharing AI-generated memes. Here, users can categorize memes using filters according to various factors, including concepts, popularity, and the date created.
●    Meme Feed: The platform provided by AiDoge allows for the publication of all new memes. The creators of the top-ranking memes are rewarded with cryptocurrency and visibility for their work. This feature is commendable since it may inspire individuals to create unique, captivating, and engaging memes by employing innovative prompt engineering.
●    AI tokens: The platform offers AI tokens intended to transform the meme-creation industry completely. The tokens may be used to buy AI meme-generating software, text-based prompts, and credits.
●    Staking: By offering to stake, AiDoge offers users added benefits. This encourages long-term engagement from them and, by extension, helps stabilize the AiDoge network and prevent fraudulent activities. The rewards from using this feature depend on the amount staked. It can be used however the user intends, including buying credit, swapping for other cryptocurrencies, or restaking for more gains.
At the time of writing, AiDoge, which is currently in the initial stage of its presale, has achieved an impressive feat by hitting $310,000 out of its $650,000 target. This is almost 50% in only a few days of its first presale stage. It is safe to say the coin is gathering a strong community of investors anticipating the skyrocket.
There are talks that AiDoge was created by people behind some of the most successful coins in the market; therefore, it is expected that the coin would achieve all its projected goals and more. Also, there are speculations that the hype and visibility the coin is getting from the market now would impact the price. Therefore, the best time for investors to invest in this coin is before the end of the presale; otherwise, they’d have to wait until the official launch and buy at a higher price.
The AiDoge is currently in its presale and available to everyone. To participate in the presale of AiDoge, interested buyers can visit the project’s website and follow the instructions to purchase the AI token. The AI token can be purchased through various payment methods, including bank cards, ETH, USDT, and BNB.
As part of the AiDoge presale, investors can participate in an airdrop program by sharing their referral code with friends and family. For each new investor that uses the code to purchase AI tokens, the referrer will receive a bonus from a pool of $AI 50 billion. This is an excellent way for investors to earn extra tokens and increase their investment potential.

Final thoughts

The gains from AiDoge are expected to meet that of existing coins and surpass them before the end of the year. These predictions are based on the unique pacesetting features offered, the potential benefits, and, more importantly, the feats achieved in the presale in just a few days of being on the market.
Therefore, traders who may have missed out on previous coins can now take advantage of this legitimate and promising coin that has tapped into an active part of the crypto market to gain at least 50x their investment before the end of 2023.




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