NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#earnedwageaccessClair, a New York based mission driven digital banking platform, announced a partnership with Criterion to offer free on-demand pay through Clair to the HCM software firm’s clients and employees.

Criterion empowers organizations to streamline their critical HR, payroll, talent engagement, and workforce management processes. By partnering with Clair, they extend that mission to help empower employees to take control of their finances.

The partnership with Clair will provide financial confidence to employees in Criterion’s network with Clair On-Demand Pay and a suite of free financial services such as the Clair Debit Mastercard®.

Clair is breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle by offering hourly workers free, on-demand access to their earnings whenever they need it. Clair’s technology embeds seamlessly into human capital and workforce management platforms providing a valuable financial wellness benefit without having to disrupt the employer’s payroll processes or cash flow.

“We are living in a ‘talent first’ economy where employers need modern day solutions that can directly improve the lives of their employees. Through our partnership with Criterion, the Clair On-Demand Pay solution will accelerate their clients ability to recruit new hires, increase productivity, and ultimately maximize employee retention. Criterion will now be able to provide the most sought after financial wellness solution on the market to thousands of workers who use their software. Our goal is to help elevate Criterion’s position as a premier HCM service provider by increasing the value they can give to all of their clients,” says Dan Mayton, Clair’s VP of Strategic Alliances.

The Connecticut based company will kick off its partnership with Clair by rolling out Clair On-Demand Pay to all its users later this year. Employees will not only have access to fee-free wage advances but also other digital banking features such as the Clair Debit Mastercard®, spending and savings accounts, fee-free cash withdrawals at over 55,000 in-network ATMs worldwide, free domestic ACH transfers, and more.

“We know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work anymore, and that includes when people get paid for their work,” said Sunil Reddy, CEO, Criterion. “This partnership with Clair allows us to give workers greater control over their financial wellness without compromising on great service and security.”

With easy, integrated connectivity to Clair On-Demand Pay, Criterion clients can offer their employees greater flexibility in access to their earnings with neither the company nor the employee incurring any costs.

For many Americans, an unforeseen expense can cause financial hardship. According to the Federal Reserve’s Annual Survey of Household Economics, 40% would struggle to come up with $400 to pay an unexpected bill The latest employee survey by Betterman’s 401(k) business states that 54% of employees are more stressed about their finances now than before the pandemic, 68% would prioritize financial wellness benefits over an extra week of vacation and 74% would leave their job for a company that offered better financial benefits.

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About Criterion

Criterion provides human capital management (HCM) software for midmarket organizations who need an HCM system as dynamic as their people with particular focus in construction, financial services, nonprofits and higher education, empowering them to streamline their critical HR, payroll, talent engagement, and workforce management processes. Criterion HCM is available direct to customers and through a global partner network in more than 10 countries.

About Clair

Clair is a New York-based mission driven digital banking platform that is breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle by offering free on-demand pay to America’s workforce. Clair embeds seamlessly into human capital management and workforce management platforms and enhances the overall employee experience. For more information, visit


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