Eng Taing is a crypto enthusiast who is in the business of making money.

Taing says he is an extensive investor, but makes most of his income from cloud mining. Besides real estate, one of his greatest investments is a private equity firm with assets worth $250 million (according to his website). He worked as Apple’s data science and analytics expert and ventured into Bitcoin in 2016. That was way before the asset became a popular cryptocurrency asset. In one interview, he said, “I just like making money.” Taing also pointed out that Hashlists cloud mining was the platform that earned him most of his money. “My investments are widespread across the globe. My assets include GPU mines, apartment buildings, and well-established homes. ”

Taing added, “Some great arbitrage advantages would do me good, and so far, so good, cloud mining bears a few. One, I increased my Bitcoins and hey, you can begin your quest on any scale as long as you keep growing along the way. I believe in Bitcoin’s future potential.

From Cloud Mining ‘Civilians’ to Bitcoin Moguls


Hashlists have more than 240,000 users, with the majority spread out in large numbers across the globe. One user based in Texas is Jon McClellan, a lobbyist for AT & T. Currently, he has several cloud mining investment plans in Oklahoma, which he hopes to actualize either ideologically or financially. He says, “My primary intention is to protect the Bitcoin network to fulfill my part, which will ultimately enable me to have and control my own computing power.” He referred to his portion of miners’ establishments globally.

“I know that if I rent a mining rig for cloud mining, I will get bitcoin every day, every minute, every second, every hour, no matter what happens in my life, in terms of budget,” McClellan continued, calling the process a “simple way to convert the average cost of dollars into bitcoin.” McClellan points out Hashlists as an easily reachable cloud mining company. Any average user can use it to outsource their work and invest in several schemes. Customers can buy mining plans from $8 to $6,500 on Hashlists by visiting the company’s website. One can easily locate them in any data center partnered with Hashlists for software maintenance and professional management. Currently, McClellan has purchased multiple flexible investment plans from BTC Ming, FIL Ming, and DOGE Ming. “I mean, who wouldn’t want that when the average return is 150%? ” His monthly income is about $35,000, which occasionally goes up to about $40,000 with referral bonuses. Attesting to the profitability of the cloud mining money-making business, McClellan wants to take his investments a notch higher in three states that appreciate Bitcoin mining: Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma.

From McClellan’s story, Evan, the business manager of Hashlists, points out that new users can also learn how to invest in cloud mining. Some individuals on the platform don’t know the basics of cryptocurrency, but can certainly build a strong foundation to learn and understand that investment angle. Their investment amount is between $100 and $50,000.

“Most of the bulk of our business has been here over the past six months,” Evan said. He added that Hashlists is expanding its clientele base to institutional customers. For instance, one entrepreneur, Nevin Bannister, has outsourced the services of the cloud mining platform to establish a mega Bitcoin mining operation in the hopes of future public market expansion. “Hashlists make everything easy and manageable,” Bannister added. “The cloud mining platform is incredible and helps you to conveniently rent a miner, plug it into the system, and maintain everything for you.”

So far, Bannister has purchased more than 10 investment plans, all of them are working properly and generating very good profits every day, everything is going very well. While Bannister didn’t disclose his monthly income, he said each plan would make $4,100 a month in profit, and on more than 10 plans, assuming $41,000 a month, that’s $492,000 a year.  “I’m a lover of new things, and at the end of the day, I got what I wanted—a great principal and a safe platform for my funds and all personal and transactional data.” He said.

He continues, “I’m a serious entrepreneur who loves exploring and learning new things. Bannister said he has sold a few companies, and according to his LinkedIn page, the start-ups he has started are worth more than $800 million. It’s like getting onto the internet in the early days. Evan is a great believer in success. He acknowledges the significance of all the customers of Hashlists to ascertain the eventuality of their financial growth and our company’s future success. “Ideally, we are looking to embrace new buyers into our cloud mining network as institutional players like Bannister are significant. Their investments will be good for small-scale miners as it will give customers more mining space and, at the same time, reduce overall costs, He concluded.

About Hashlists

Hashlists currently operate large data centers in Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Iceland. Hashlists is also the only company in the world to be licensed by the Kazakh government to support land leasing and development within 5 years. With Hashlists cloud mining, users can easily invest and have a 100% chance of profit. As the No.1 company in terms of profitability and user growth, Hashlists proved to be an excellent investment solution in the first half of 2021. It has established itself over time with 2 years of flawless cloud mining services, which gives it a cutting edge over other services. The company provides excellent service to help users invest in multiple plans and guarantee 100% profit. Moreover, the platform has a lot of perks. You get an $8 bonus if you sign up, once you create an account, you’ll be given a special unique link. You can start sharing the link however you‘d like on social media, websites, blogs, and forums. Whenever a person signs up or makes a purchase using your link, you will receive a commission. In conclusion, the Hashlists mining platform is excellent for generating more income for crypto enthusiasts. It protects users’ investments and is backed by a team of experts and analysts. To learn more about Hashlists, visit their website, https://www.hashlists.com/, to explore various plans to begin your mining quest.

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